Ugly Betty-Betty La Fea!

I'm going to dress up as Ugly Betty for Halloween!  The belts, the miss matched colors, the layering and contrasting patterns...I'm having way too much fun destroying my old bedroom searching for funky stuff!  I just need to get some glasses at the thrift store tomorrow.....Here's my inspiration collage!
Promise to update with pics asap!  Along with all the other things I said I'd update on!  I've just been having so much fun being with family and visiting friends! You understand :D



Girls Night Out

Latin night at our favorite exclusive dance club!  Mojitos and pina coladas!  Dancing the night away!  Here's some outfits my sister and I wasted the entire evening putting together.  Hope you enjoy!

(Left: Tango Goddess-Miki) (Right: Romantica-Me)



Cute Coffee Shop

On Wednesday I went to have dinner with Mei, my best friend here in Panama. I don't remember the name but its on Via Argentina near Subway...I call it the "cute guy cookie place" because one evening on my walk home it started to rain cats and dogs...hoping I could wait it out I went in to get a cookie a coffee. Both were excellent and the guy who works there is cute too! hehe so I have been trying to get her to come with me. And what a success! Mei just loved the place and we've decided we have to go back for breakfast. The food is good! I got cream of mushroom soup and apple struddle. Mei got a ham & cheese sandwich, hot chocolate (basically hot chocolate bliss...) and a PB chocolate cookie. While we waited we looked around and browsed their book collection since they have a sweet book exchange including some books on tape. Sadly, neither of us brought our camaras bought but Mei had her cellie and we got some shots of the soup and me enjoying it! hehelove that her finger showed up in this one haha
*note carrot in shape of a heart!!!!!!!




So kinda busy this week and need to stop procrastinating...I will be posting again on Monday once I am back home in the Bay Area for 3 weeks of vacation. By next week will update on:

Dias de Moda Pics
Juanes Concert
My new favorites
Moccasin making project

Here's a neat-o laser cut skateboard my coworker was looking at. I like...must research laser cutting....Damion Silver



Obsession: moccasins

I was at Multiplaza on Sunday, the fancy mall here in Panama with all the big labels stores. While in Zara I fell in love with a beautiful gray coat and some really cute moccasins...I sadly didn't buy them but will check back to see if they go on sale! When I was little I thought they were dorky but a couple years back Urban Outfitters had these really cute colorful painted moccasins and I fantasized about buying them and searched all over for a more affordable options. One day when I went to Macy's with my sister I found a lovely pair of avocado green Steve Madden moccasins. Actually, check their site too b/c they have several moccasin inspired pairs. Well, my green moccasins were on super sale so I just had to get them and I still love them. They don't have have flowers painted on them and it never occurred to me to do some myself but I love them just the same. So anyway seeing the moccasins in Zara reminded me of my obsession.

I had a lot of fun making this collage! Click on it to see each pair better and links to their sites! And found really great examples of moccasins in all its forms...kinda drooling over the Free People fringed flip flops...

Why do I love moccasins so much? could it be the suede, the fringe, the tassels, the sometimes fuzzy interior?...well, yes I love all these things about them! Plus I have always been a fan of comfy shoes (only in the last couple years have even started wearing heels-mostly kitten variety). I can't stand being uncomfortable and usually go for something practical like a slip on, clog or sandal...tend to stay away from buckles and laces...or anything that involves socks....maybe I am just lazy Also found these beautiful custom made moccasins on Etsy! I really love these! Not bad at $46!!!! And purple.
Hand Made Inca Boot Moccasin
by Buckaroo Leather



Penguin Love-MIKI HARRIS

Isn't this just adorable!? My big sis, Miki Harris, happens to be an amazing illustrator! Help her make her foot print in the big world of art out there and buy one of her greeting cards here.


Starting my day by researching ideas for surf style juniors clothing for work & of course always end up going on a crazy roller coaster of clicking links and switching b/w 10 tabs of different sites trying to absorb all the ideas at once...came across cool project by Quicksilver called Site LA. A place where they are hosting 6 young women with different projects from vintage clothing business, music, art and bicycling safely in LA! I think this is awesome! And residents have a year of sponsorship and support from Quicksilver...I would like to know how one becomes a resident...And will check back to see what else is new. They seem to have regular events so check if you are close to LA. Resident, Beth Jones, has a site and vintage clothing business called The Vintage Society. I especially think her inspiration tab is cool and had some great ideas in her blog.From there...I also saw some pics from Le Blog de Betty, which I have seen on other blogs...some pretty French girl and her fabulous outfits! Dreaming of moving to Paris and living my days in fabulous French clothes and eating yummy pastries...Orangina...sigh...I love the pictures the most and you can she pics of her outfits here. I could probably waste a lot of time looking here..Also checked out Print & Pattern blog...and liked these. Reminds me of designs often found on La Pollera, the national folk dress of Panama, which I love. Here's some sorta of ok info on the dress. My final collection and last year and 1/2 of college were spent researching it learning it's origins, design techniques and symbolism. Also collaborated (with Tasha Lewis, Cornell) on an article for an Encyclopedia of World Dress for Bergs Publishers should come out in 2010 or 2011...so I will let you know lol. You can see my senior collection here....anyway these are by Rose Hip Cards from the UK...I need to explore their site too :P



Smencils! Ok, hehe thought the name of these smelly pencils was really funny! Kinda of like other brand names like schweppes that makes me giggle...There are pretty cool actually and are made with 100% recycled newspaper. Check them out at Delight.com

DMP 2008-day 2

I lucked out yesterday and scored free tickets to the rest of Dias de Moda Panama! I was so excited and even ran into my fashion buddies from the first day who scored me a great seat. I did come late (so missed 4 designers) and it was uber hot and sweaty inside since there was electricity problems. But I still had fun and hopefully will get some pictures from the other gals (since I didn't have time to run home to change or get the camera). I did catch Pineda Covalin from Mexico, however, and was totally impressed! Here are some pics I found on Google. But check her website here too!

Tonight is the last night and I am decked out in Lalipourie Designs! Gotta represent right? Anyway got a good start and sold some of my jewelry to my coworker who like my telephone wire coiled bangles! Made by day! Have a good weekend!


Katie Perry

So you all must have heard Katie Perry's "I kissed a girl" song by now...anyway my BF thinks that she sorta looks like my best friend Laura...if you just look at her eyes mostly. I had to check out her website to make the comparison and she's really cute. I love the these pictures, her style, and the flower things she wears in her hair. Here are a couple pics from her site...well Katie and Laura have one thing in common for sure and that's floppy kitties! YAY!

My Fabulous Home...

Here are some random, ideas and nifty things I would
love to include in my future/imaginary home!cool living room
by Wary Meyers
(love crazy pillows)
Vintage Door Coffee Table, $368
by j crabbit
(I like this idea...though I could probably make my own....)
Bird & Animals, wood cutout, $119
by Bride &Wolfe

Orange & Yellow Flower Lamp, $40
by Mariposa Avenue
Little Sparrows, $38
by Yumiyumi
(This is reserved but I just think this print is lovely....)
Orange Blooming Blossom Rectangle Pillow, $28
by Joom
In honor of my kitty Darjeeling:
Dashing Darjeeling Dishware, $39.50
at Delight.com
Bunnies Adrift
by Argyle Whale (was $11.50)
(I just think this is adorable...)
Lemon Lime Mandala Record Bowl, $58
by EyePopArt
Plate Wall
by Lisa Cogden
(I love this idea! I will need to start collecting funky plates...)
Cream Lucky Happiness Cat, £9.99
by The Japanese Shop
(must have happiness kitty)



Fred Flare and Food

It's that time of day! When I get hungry and think of food...I love cooking and I especially love finding good healthy recipes and tips from Prevention or Martha Stewart. Both have great recipes and descriptions. Prevention also often includes nutrition facts and calories which is also a great help.

On a funner note...here are some food related items from Fred Flare. I came across this site about a week ago and there are some really cute/funny things on here. Enjoy! Calorie free!
Here are some of my favorite DIY and before and afters projects from D*S blog. So clever makes me want to search the streets for thrown away furniture that I could turn into my own fabulous creations! My mom is at fault for starting me on this obsession with cool old stuff. Since a little girl my parents took me and my big sis to flea markets and garage sales looking for stuff "we don't need." She has collected chairs and lots of them. We did re-do a cool sewing machine table and folding chair about 3 years ago. It was a lot less fun then I had hoped, it was tiring and I am not the best painter but it came out cute anyway. I painted it in green tea color and also painted some Ikea boxes to match. We also redid a really old dress form my mom found at a thrift store for about $5. We covered it with heather gray jersey and painted the stand purple! I miss both but they had to stay home and could not come with me to Panama. I will try to rustle up some pictures to share...
Elizabeth's Telephone Table Make-over
check here for before and more details
I really love this and know my mom would flip.
magazine catch-all self
I also think this is uber handy and clever!cabinetHilda's chair

Jane's patchwork chair
I just think this is so snazzy! I love it and will have to do something inspired by this one day! Check out the detail below!


DMP 2008

See more pictures here

So yesterday I went to the Dias de Moda Panama and had a blast! In general I was very impressed and saw several improvements from last year. The models seemed more polished and had better timing. Overall, I enjoyed the collections last night and noted a lot of gold, sequins, pastels and white. Other goodness was a free massage, free facial, free Loreal make-up, perfume samples, magazines and more! I also made a few new friends and will update with photos and more details tomorrow. Here is photo from a special show on Sept. 30 with designs by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada of Spain. I didn't attend this show but this dress is pretty nifty and crazy looking!

I'm in a good mood today!


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