Lalipourie as FGOTW!

Check me out on Fly today as Fly Girl of the Week! Just about made my day :) Notice my earring in each pic? hehe


no more scrooge...

Well, off bright and early tomorrow at 4am heading toward the province of Chiriqui, Panama. This is where most of my relatives live here in Panama. So I will be there until next Monday to celebrate the holidays with family. Last night stayed up late making holiday trail mix with nut clusters for my coworkers and wrapping some presents. I made up my own thing (like always) and I think it's tasty! I'll have to post some pics latter....

Laurie's Holiday Trail Mix with Nut Clusters:
(*note measurements are really approximate because I don't measure while I cook!)
NUTS (I had a variety: pistachios, almonds, walnuts, pecans, macadamia, and pepitas (seeds). I probably had like 4-5 cups of nuts.
HONEY-1 tble sp
SUGAR-3/4 cup
BUTTER-3 tble sp
SPICES-1 tble sp cinnamon, 1 tsp clove, cardemon, nutmeg
1)place spices and nuts in pan and toast for 5 mins
2)mix honey, butter, and sugar in pot and boil into a thick caramel for about 5-7 mins
3)mix nuts and caramel together and spread out on foil or wax paper and let cool
4)break into clusters

Trail Mix:
NUT CLUSTERS (recipe above)
RAISINS like 1 1/2 cups

PS: used my own snowflake paper for the name tags!


Grumpy Puppy.....

This is how I feel......




THIS PUPPY IS SO CUTE! I WANT TO SQUEEZE! (picture from facebook)


Obsession: Ikat

So we had some cool samples with Ikat inspired prints here at work. I looked up ikat and saw the it's still going strong. I created my own design for a lovely summer dress and the boss liked it!
I've loved Ikat since I learned about the technique in a textile history class when I was in college. I did a paper comparing Ikat from Uzbekistan and use in modern day fashions. I love it and even did some projects with the technique. Ikat is basically when the yarns of a fabric are dyed before weaving. Once woven, the design appears a little blurry since the threads shift during weaving. Ikat is done in many different countries around the world such as Uzbekistan, Guatemala and Indonesia to name a few! So I have been clipping images to Polyvore for about a week now to make a post and today I see DS already jumped the gun. Love it! My own ikat scarf I creating in a weaving course that went with an outfit for my final collection!



Quote of the Day

Be like the flower, turn your face to the sun.
-- Kahlil Gibran



Just LOVE this pic from Unruly Things of a snow-day in Portland. It's hot-n-sticky in Panama and I am missing cuddling up in warm sweaters and my xmas shoe-socks. Plus miss my kitties! Sigh...

Free Holiday Snowflake Paper

In the holiday spirit I would like to give away a gift to my readers :) (lol the whole like 3 of you!) I created this print for my holiday gifts and for tags for a xmas party that I no longer can have....anywho you can just print it out and use it for gifts, tags, or whatever. If you do something super snazzy with this paper then send me pics so I can share! Have fun! Just email me to send you the file or just print off from the picture here:
Holiday paper was created by © Lalipourie Designs 2008. For personal use only please.


Chajin Designs

Local Panamanian Designers, Annie & Farah Chajin, of Chajin Designs. Their stuff is pretty cool. I'm digging the elephant purses...I first saw them last year at Dias de Moda and they've seemed to have grown since then.



Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

Order any Lalipourie designs and receive 10% off your purchase! Check out some new things I added!!!! Spend $50 and get a Lalipourie print for FREE! That's right! Choose between the Elephant or Peacock prints. See listings for Eclectic Elephant Print and Eclectic Peacock Print (note size for free print is 4"x5" great for a small frame). Offers between Dec. 11th-Jan 1st! After items are placed in your cart, send me a note and I will make an adjustment!


Diablo Rosso

Couple of cool pics from Diablo Rosso, a boutique/gallery/cafe here in Panama where they have some of my Lalipourie Designs jewelry. Diablo Rosso is located on calle 48, Bella Vista (next to Madame Chang)-Basically on Calle Uruguay (where more night clubs are located) here in Panama City.


Telephone Table!

I really like this redo of a telephone table found on the street! If I were only so lucky! From Design*Sponge!


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