water lilly photo

joon + bench monday, originally uploaded by Lisa sParks.
Isn't this a beautiful photo! Just dying over the colors! just gorgeous! I was so inspired I made an outfit to match. hehehe


Irregular Choice

My favorites from crazy funky shoe place, Irregular Choice

Will Bryant

Will Bryant, freelance creative from Austen, TX makes cool stuff! Check out his store!



Fred Flare

long hair...

I need to remind myself to not cut my hair so I can grow it long and do pretty braids! Look here!


Blog-About #6

Jubella has great interior design ideas but I flipped at the post of these amazing Bokja designs! Beyond wow!
I could totally make this!
Oh my goodness silly talking baby!
Hawaiian recipes I'd like to try: chocilate haupia pie and huli huli chicken! MMMMM
OMG OMG! How funny is this picture of a pug! hHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (more pugs here) WOW & check out this collage! We have an Eames chair at home but no pug in it!
I likey this kitty portrait!
oooooof I think I could be inspired to work here
imaginary South African vacation! Holy divinity yes yes totally diggin' the outfit...wish I looked that chic when I traveled hehe
cycling fashionistas!
new blog find for great style of a budget...uber-chic for cheap

Hello Sister

Hello Sister, originally uploaded by lavendamemory.

what a sweet picture!!!!!


cute chickies

Monday again....hope I'm more productive this week...hehe


Quote of the Day

There is in every true woman's heart a spark of heavenly fire,
which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity; but which
kindles up and beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity.

-Washington Irving

thanks Nie Nie!



By Sour also see Omokage no saki


perfect place to take a nap!

I'm loving photos by Kim Cornelison. Tons of great ideas. I thought I loved hammocks....but now I really want a swingy bed like this! WOW awesome would it be to read and relax in the thingy!


Fashion Illustration

Designed a couple of collections a while back just for fun. Left: Lady Like Collection. Right: I heart my bicycle Collection. Check them out on my website portfolio here!


Little Things Kaui vs. SF

Almost went nuts just trying to find older version of Little Things by Colbie Caillat because it's pretty and takes place in Kaui! She's on a bike AND there's a pretty waterfall. HAHA though the new one sets in SF so I like it too...I'm pretty excited about Now & Zen this year! YAY for free stuff!

PS: after lengthy discussion my BFF and I've decided that we HAVE TO EAT HERE! MMMM

Blog-About #5

Happy weekend! May yours include pie (I'm sure mine won't but it will include tamales & copious amounts of Panamanian goodness). I'm heading off today for Chiriqui to visit with relatives and the Mommy. I'm not sure what plans are for tomorrow but I'm pretty sure I'm going to dance the night away with my cousins/friends there and then sleep (or not) before the big family get together at my aunts farm in Volcan. The party will be pretty mellow as it always is but always always includes lots of food. I'm pretty excited about it and hope it's not too cold for a dip in the river!
gizdich olala berry pie
Another busy week designing the new collection! I saw My Blueberry Nights on Wednesday, I thought it was OK but I am craving pie! olala berry pie from Gizdich Ranch....oh my goodness my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

mmmm makes me hungry, new food blog goodness Bohemian Plates
Cute mini lace dress (me likey!)
puppy looooove! oh the cuteness!
I love love love this top
new music from Ceu (thanks to Fly)
I had a good time reading romantic high and low points
last time I came back from Cali Eddy Lover was on my plane from Miami....I was too shy to say hi but here's a song by him & Jr. Ranks:
Mas alla del Sol is also a good song though a little sad and No He Dejado de Extranarte
Aren't these dance pictures neat-o???
art's & crafts info in Panama (in Spanish)
wow prettiest lemonade I've ever seen! MMMM!


New from Lalipourie

New items in my shop! Take a look! Lovely lemon & lime earrings and bracelet set (only $22.99)! First customer to purchase from my shop gets free shipping on first item! Just mention "Lalipourie Blog" and I'll adjust the bill! Enjoy!
*offer good til the end of the month...wink wink

Cute Kitty Fuzzy!

In a few weeks I'll be reunited with my own 2 favorite kitty fuzzies :D


Blog-About #4

oooof sorry been busy busy! I had a lovely weekend! Included art show (Diablo Rosso), romantic stroll of Casco Viejo, Reggae music (La Casona), tacos, sleeping in (with rain!), bagels, chill party with friends, shopping with my favorite mommy in the whole world and Chinese food. Not too shabby! And here a some things I've ran into recently....

The Longest Way 1.0 - one year walk/beard grow time lapse from Christoph Rehage on Vimeo.

Wohhh! even sexier tango video..love Gotan Project
is Twilight bad for your love life? hmmmm
this couple is so cute...he sure to check their proposal too jeeze
Free wallpaper art by Diane Cheuk loveliness!



Braids and Sketches

Braids and Sketches, originally uploaded by Jade M. Sheldon.

this girl has pretty hair :D



so funny

Ken Lee hilarious video...made me hysterical so funny oooo hahahaha and the remix I practically peed myself


Gotan Project

Gotan Project
Had some fun this afternoon listening to tango!

HOLY CRAP! Love this couple dancing...how sexy

PS: loving that red dress


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