Hus & Hem

I wish I could understand Swedish because Hus & Hem has such eye candy. I'm totally digging these multicolored interiors! Isn't the bead spread made with Guatemalan textiles amazing! I love it! I def think I'll adopt this sort of look when I have my own place to decorate since I find it really difficult to choose a favorite color.

Local Photographers



Happy Friday!

So glad it's Friday! Notice any changes? Yes I've been messing around with my blog layout! You like? I'm very proud of myself because believe me it took a lot of trial and error!

This weekend my uncle from California is coming for a visit. I'll be giving him a tour of some of the highlights of the city! Sunday I plan to get some fabric and sew, sew, sew...and finish up accessories for my photoshoot next Sunday. I am really excited and can't wait to see how they turn out. Take care and have a great weekend!


Inspiration of the day

from Survival International, an organization to support and protect tribal people's rights worldwide. And please check out the shop. The book, We Are One, they have for sale looks amazingly beautiful!

My Special Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! I don't have any plans since in Panama it isn't a national holiday. But I'm just about to get off work and I was thinking of getting some turkey and making a sandwich. Despite not stuffing my face this year with my family and friends, I can still give thanks! I am very thankful for all the love and support my family, my BF and my friends this year. I am also thankful for all that I have, a safe place to live and a steady job. Also thanks for all of you who read Lalipourie blog! I appreciate it! Don't forget to comment more or send me emails with ideas and advice! Have a great day and save me a piece of pie!

Since I'm not doing anything in particular, I decided I'd put together some ideas for my fantasy Thanksgiving! Enjoy and don't drool on your computer! BYE!

Menu (all from Martha Stewart):
herb-roasted turkey
potato-mushroom pie
green bean casserole
butter-pecan sweet potatoes
butternut squash with brown butter
collard greens with bacon
+ check recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers look beyond yummmmmmmy

and for desert...

ssweet potato buttermilk pie

...of course this my fantasy so the weather would be cool but warm enough to have a lovely afternoon Thanksgiving feast outdoors like in this photo!

I like these simple decoration ideas for corn husk votives and pear place holders
Thanksgiving outfit
And last but not least...something I'd like to wear for my special Thanksgiving!
Earrings, clutch, socks, skirt and sweater jacket from Ruche, blouse and shoes from Modcloth


I saw Coco Avant Chanel last night! I enjoyed it and am glad that watching a French film with Spanish subtitles wasn't so bad. Audry was beautiful as always especially toward the end when she opens her own shop, beginning her empire. There were several beautiful scenes in the film of the French country side. I especially liked a scene with Coco reclined against a tree surrounded by bright yellow autumn leaves wearing a classic striped shirt and brown coat (sorry couldn't find pic).


Recipe for instant cheering up!

DSC_0643, originally uploaded by *lalalaurie.

several cute pictures of kittens
a bunch of silly things that make you laugh
1 cup of hot tea (preferably Trader Joe's Bedtime Tea)
some mellow music

1. Combine together all ingredients while your supposed to be busy working. Snicker quietly to self and smile while no one's looking. Repeat if necessary.


biking fabulous!

My Fall Bicycle Fantasy!

I just love bicycles! I miss biking around on my own bike so when I ran into Oh Joy's post on bicycle accessories I was inspired to make my own set. I love the idea of being stylish and uber comfortable...can't get much more comfy than leggings and moccacins! Hope you like the look I put together! Check out my earrings posted above at my store! If your curious also check out my design illustration I did inspired by bicycles here and collage here!

1.Peacocks, 2. Ruche, 3. Delia's, 4. Modcloth, 5. Modcloth, 6. Lalipourie, 7.Unica Home, 8. Urban Outfitters, 9. Electra Bicycle Company design via Apartment Therapy

Here's a pic of me a few years back in collage...walking my bike (Nemo) through the student union after a fancy campus dinner I think for undergraduate research? I can't remember but I remember wearing fancy heals but obviously I traded them off for my trusty Boltio flip flops for the ride home. Funtimes! I was also wearing my signature telephone wire earrings! HEHE.
*The images are for your personal use only and I retain the copyright. Thank you :D


Days of the Dead

Awesome pictures of celebrations world wide for celebration of the dead at The Big Picture

And me and a friend on Halloween here in Panama City in Casco Viejo. I was a nerd (complete with broken glasses and calculator pen) and my friend was a sexy rocker chick (according to her).


blog-about #11

I've been reflecting a lot about my life lately...lots to think about. Have a Happy Weekend! Enjoy some of my favorites from the last week or so.

-best friend is....
-yet another amazing design studio
-hearts, broken and mended and I'm remember seeing this a long time ago...but I don't remember if I blogged about it see P's road trip to Oaxaca
-I would like to see this documentary, War Dance
-do you still see me? by Nie Nie
-Parisian Style-loving the pic of Jo eating baguette at age 2!
-mmmmm mushroom bisque
-Andrea of Fly is on a roll: Suno, pee in the shower, In Cuba, Ankara and Beads, and Knitta Bus
-love this yoga routine with a ball-feels great
-I've been on a sun-dried tomato kick lately-I made a super yummy salad involving quinoa, corn, green beans, sun-dried tomatoes and almonds! Delish! But oh my goodness do these Roasted Tomatoes make me drool
-pretty pretty lamp


Esther K.

Cool pics from Esther K. site
Photos taken by Emily Wren


Highlights of my vacation in Vietnam!

*The images are for your personal use only and I retain the copyright. Thank you :D

inspirational spaces

How I workThis is where I keep my undergarnments
This is what I store
In my kitchen
On my cupcake shelf
Teaboxe<a href=
Kitchen window
Underbaraclaras photostream, check out her blog (in Swedish)


New Web Portfolio!

Hey note that I have a new web portfolio! Link also on the left hand side! Happy Monday!


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