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Jen Loves Ken
Please read this sweet letter from father-to-be to his daughter. It's really sweet!


imaginary outfit: explore


new cute travel inspired outfit!


picture of the day: giraffe

wow! This giraffe statue is made entirely of tape????!!!!!

roap trip picture board!

I had such a lovely visit home! It's always so rejuvenating to relax and spend time with family and friends...this visit was a little sorter than usual but just as lovely. Besides being home visiting friends and what not, my family took an awesome road trip all the way to Vancouver, Cananda to visit our extended family there. It was a great trip with lots of beautiful scenery and tons eating....

top corner picture at the SF Alemany Flea Market possibly the best market I've been too. No junk just tons of neat old antiques and funky extras. Beautiful scenery of Mount Shasta, Oregon's lush forests, purple and yellow cauliflower at the Salem Wednesday Farmers Market, downtown Portland (sneak picture of Anthropologie!), Mount Rainer, Bonnaville Dam.....

Arrival in Vancouver, Canada was long awaited! First stop was the Richmond Night Market (lots of good eats), and next day visit to Fort Langley for browsing of cute shops! I especially fell in love with this adorable store/tea house set in an old house called the Little White House. Everything about it was drool worthy. Then day visit to Capilano Park, crossing the suspension
bridge, and visit to Gastown (awesome boutique, Lynn Steven, with a paper back romance novel dressing room!)

Visited major Seattle landmarks. I thought the Pikes Place Market and the Fremont Troll were pretty darn awesome! On the way home down south we stopped in Olimpia to see the beautiful capital building (inside were all Tiffany Co. Lamps!), accidently coming across the high school where they filmed Twilight in Kalama, WA, visited a Fort, and finally back in California with a stop in Winters for dinner at the Putah Creek Cafe for blissful wood burning oven pizza, sangria and pie....mmmmmm

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Obsession: swinging beauties!

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Ever since I saw this picture I've been just smitten with the the idea of a swinging bed perfect for lounging around or reading a book....it's like an upgrade to a hammock....I'm totally obsessing about this and fantasizing of a beach home with a porch to chill out on...the breeze, listening to Jack Johnson, drinking some sun tea and looking at fashion magazines........bliss


BART Swing

What a brilliant idea! Lovin' this picture of the swing someone decided to put on BART.

ready for a picnic?

There's nothing more lovely than a picnic on a lovely sunny day....here's some inspiration for your day!
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Sweet Friday!

Oh I am finding it very hard to concentrate today! I have all sorts of interesting things to share with you all. But I think I will hold off till Monday since I've been procrastinating so much today. Oooops. It's hard especially when you've been sucked into the vortex that is Enjoy Cupcakes...I love everything about them! The color scheme of the site, the zillion different flavors AND the cute little trailer they sell them from! GAH. Too much cute/food yumminess to handle! Too bad they are so far away...but perhaps that is a blessing. Take a look and enjoy the eye candy. Have a great weekend!

Thanks to Oh Joy for sharing this today! And Please check out this other cupcake amazingness site: Ming Makes Cupcakes, deliciously evil website with recipes for all sorts of cupcakes....


adorable kitty time

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tie dye to a T

Hello lovelies! Sorry I've been neglecting you! I've been kind of busy but don't worry I've been cataloging lots of new things to share with you AND pictures from my vacation. Till then, it's still summer back in the states (and always hot in PTY), so I thought I would talk about something that always evokes summer for me: tie dye. I remember at school when everyone brought old shirts, socks, tote bags etc and we learned how to tie dye! Getting messy and having fun with rubber bands and string! Waiting impatiently for them to dry in the sun to finally reveal the beauty hidden beneath the folds. My first attempts came out very blotchy-brown looking just because it was so hard to narrow down my color choices! I love tie dye for the textural interest it adds to fabric, it's informal vibe and it's one-of-a-kind qualities...however I am aware that if done wrong can tie dye can look awfully busy and very unflattering. But I think if you choose tie dye in simple combos (best with just 1-2 colors), or wear it as an accessory and mix with simple and complimentary items it can be so chic! Here are four ideas of how I would wear tie dye and more some images of inspiration :
four ways to tie dye!




I love this picture and love the details in this dress. I saved it to my pinterest inspiration board. If you haven't joined pinterest yet than you should! I swear it's the easiest way to save images from the web right along with their original source! It's dreadfully addictive looking at others people's boards for inspiration.


surf girls

Isn't this a cute picture? I like the vintage suits!


rainbow trees

Aren't these beautiful? Nature is such a talented artist! Check out these Rainbow Eucalyptus trees!


I'm back + puppies!

HEYA! I'm back! It was so lovely being on vacation :D I had a wonderful 3 weeks in California and the road trip with my family was lots of fun. I'll be sharing pictures so keep a lookout!

ahhhhhh aren't this puppies adorable? I could have sworn the pug had a bow tie on! ahahhahaa soooooooo cute! this made my day :D via puglypixel

Have a great weekend!


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