Greetings from Guatemala!

Surprise I'm in Guatemala! I'll be back to blogging next week! Have a good one!!!!!!!!!!! I sure am!

Hi I am back in the beautiful PTY. My trip was gorgeous and enlightening! I found Guatemala and its people charming, happy and sunny. Though it was my first solo trip, I found nice people to chat up every step of the way. I have so much more to say and will be giving you a rundown once I've finished editing my photos! But just wanted to say I'm back! :D




My mood board for my pollera inspired collection from 2007.
Ok a little bit of self promotion and praise! In 2006 I wrote an article in collaboration with a Cornell graduate Textiles student, Tasha Lewis, on the National Dress of Panama called La Pollera for the Berg's Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion! Not only was this project very near and dear to my heart, but it was a huge huge learning experience. At times it was intense to work on while also being a full time student and working a part time job, but it was such an enormous opportunity! It also helped having such a wonderful and fun to work with collaborator! We would spend hours not only talking about our article but also reminiscing about Panama. It was a wonderful experience overall!

To get to the point, I just found out the encyclopedia and Fashion Library been awarded a Darthmouth Medal for outstanding reference! It's all very exciting!


another adventure in PTY!

Hi lovely readers! Today I'm going to share some fabulous pictures from my New Year weekend in the mountain town called El Valle! I shared a lovely weekend get-away with 8 other friends in a sweet little purple house over looking lush forest and a bubbling brook! Just getting to the place was adventure and involved a good long wait in line for the bus, then piling into the back of a truck & up a walking up spooky path in the pitch black to get there! But it was all in good company and we brought in the new year with dip & chips, tuna salad, spaghetti, and lots of wine! Before nodding off we also had some s'mores!

The next morning we got up bright and early for a huge bacon, pancake, eggs and mexican hot cocoa breakfast! Then we walked to town! Which by the way is very very far by foot! LOL we were very tired, but then we met up with the rest of our party and browsed the market! I got a fabulous basket and some nifty jade & pearl earring (to be posted latter).

We also walked all the way to see the petroglyphs and a quick dip in the waterfall. After ducking out in a tiny store because of the pouring rain we got a taxi back to the house. We all pitched in to make an awesome taco dinner and finished off with some marshmallow roasting! MMMM my Panamanian friends enjoyed learning about this gringo tradition.

Sunday again bright and early! We headed straight to our canopy tour!



Happy Weekend!

picture from last night's expat international party. It was lots of fun getting dressed up and chatting with other foreigners in PTY. PS: see those nifty earrings I'm wearing? Those are from my new collection. Wink wink...

Whew! This has been a busy busy week! I have so many fun posts backed up that I'm having issues on where to start....My brain want's to go in chronilogical order but I don't think that is going to happen! Either way I have lots of fun pictures updates to work on as well as sharing new great finds. But not today! It's almost Saturday here in Panama and if there is one thing I enjoy, that is my time to relax. So I hope you are all having a wonderful start to your weekend. I am not doing anything crazy this weekend just going to do some errands, some organizing and visiting a good friend on Sunday. What are your plans???


ooooh la la

click on image for my ooooh la la pinboard...links to sources for each image

French people. Paris. Croissants. Crepes. Sexy accents. Stripes. Orangina....

Sometimes I just wish I was French. Somehow everything would be better and oh so ooooh la la sexy. I'd eat all the butter and cheese I wanted and some how remain chic and slender. Le sigh only in my fantasies. Here is some oooh la la la la inspiration for you day :D!

darn people at Free People are seriously having me crave for Paris. MAN!


a new year calls for new undies!

Random fact: Panamanians buy yellow underwear for good luck on New Years.

So my good friend Mei Lin informed me of this tradition a few years back and I've searched vigorously each year for yellow undies to start my year off right. But considering this tradition it's extremely hard to find yellow underwear! This year I sort of forgot but even a week after new years I was looking!!! Eventually I went into this nifty store called Women's Secret that has adorable underwear, pajamas and accessories. So there was a sale! So I got a few pairs...they aren't exactly yellow but they were too cute and the prints seemed sort of like New Year resolution themed!

So this may seem strange....me sharing my underwear on the internet and all, but I haven't even used them yet! I just think the prints on them are so charming!

see the two travel themed panties, a healthy eating pair and the animal one well we can say it is for making diverse friends in 2011!

My goals for the 2011:

BE happy, creative, great full and loving everyday
EAT healthy but still treat myself from time to time but save treats for the good stuff like chocolate croissants
EXERCISE everyday even if I just have a few minutes
LAUGH more often
CONNECT with more people and old friends, try to make new connections, network
BUILD up my work portfolio, get those buzzing ideas out on to paper or into 3D form or up on here!
SEE more places and EXPLORE (first stop Guatemala...stay tuned...)
LIVE and be content....and get a hair cut :D


it's that time again...

...where I start obsessing about my hair. See I've almost always had short to medium length hair and about a year or so ago I decided to try growing it out long. I figured might as well see what it looks like and then I could donate my hair. I personally feel like my hair is super long right now and all I want to do it HACK it all off. It's hot in Panama and it takes a long time for it to dry. I'm lazy and hate combing out the knots. Sooooooo I think I am going to try a new look! YAY!

hair evolution since January of 2009 the last time I cut my hair short. What do you think? I mean I like my hair long too. I think it looks nice down, but I tend to always tie it up because it gets in the way and it's hot here. So maybe short would be good...
Here's what I'm going for....


supposedly what my hair will look like on me!


Back on the Web + updates

* images linked to source
Yay! I'm back! Got the internet set-up and have been enjoying it for a few days already. I've been anxious to update and get into the flow of this blog but I've just been so busy busy! I'm trying to get lots of new merchandise ready for another exciting event this Friday! If you are in Panama city come check out my stand at Rising Fashion (villa Agustina in Plaza Herrera across from Mojitos in Casco Viejo). Doors open at 7pm. Oki doki now back to work Laurie!



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