Recently Sundays are for preparing meals, catching up on shows, pinterest and working on design projects. Today I prepared among other things a colorful breakfast! I boild some ñampi, boild egg and sautee of chicken sausage, peppers, hominy with chipotle. Looking foward to this with a cup of coffee and a sliver of avocado yum!



looking back

Ahhhh man is it been super hot lately.  I just got home and I'm already sweaty!  Blech!  Well today I taught my first class of a series of 10 for a fashion illustration seminar locally here in Panama (contact me for more details).  Though I'm sure next class will be way more interesting, I think it went well!  So it makes me feel great.

I was just exploring around here to make notes of things that need updating and ran across this little interview I did years ago on Fly Girls.   It's funny to look back so far, yet see some things never change.  It's fun to look back at the little Laurie from December 2008, the one that had only recenlty moved to Panama and just barely started her little blog.  What were her goals and expectations?  Seems like ages ago.  She was filled with so much hunger back then.  Hunger to do her own thing and create without abandon.  Somewhere along the way she got jaded and fed up.  I think it happens to us all, but I'm glad to see that for some reason I'm impelled to start up again.  I know I'm planned for greatness I just need to figure out where I'm going first :)

 Well ttfn and see yous soon!




Hearty Vegan Lunch Time!

I love cooking and after years of being vegetarian I still often eat sans meat.  Yesterday I was challenged to eat vegan all day.  My honey is typical Panamanian man loves his rice and meat.  Apparently he needs his meat.  Though on many occasions I've tricked him into eating vegetarian/vegan and I have never heard a complaint!  He even makes funny faces when I mention things like eggplant or tofu, yet he's heartily gobbled down many of my creations in the kitchen with those just ingredients.  Anywho I think yesterday we had a breakthrough!  After making him two yummy yummy vegan meals he actually said "Hey let's try being vegetarian for a month."  I was like woahhhhh did I hear right!  LOL it's pretty awesome.  But I'm like darn well we have to finish eating the chicken sausage etc I have in the freezer first :).  Anyway here is recipe and pictures from yesterdays mid day meal.  Enjoy!

carrot Soup + sauteed baked tofu + chapatis

Carrot Soup:

carrots, onions, celery, ginger, garlic, potatoes, water, salt, spices (optional mix I used: turmeric, curry, dal makani mix, paprika, cumin)

I'm a lazy cook so no fancy tricks here also I don't have measurements because I do not think it really matters just use what you have available.  As long as you season well soup should be tasty :).  Just roughly chop all and add spices.  Cover with water and forget about it for say 1/2 hour.....once veggies are tender remove from heat and blend.  Voila carrot soup!

Sauteed Baked Tofu:
tofu, seasonings/marinade (anything goes but I used turmeric, chinese five spice mix, siracha, sesame oil, honey and garlic)

I let the tofu sit in a strainer in the fridge overnight with something weighing it down.  Discard excess water. Then slice thinly and lay on a oiled baking sheet.  Then I mix the seasonings in a bowl and brush on the tofu (both sides).  Bake until crisp and golden about 25 minutes.  Sorry cannot tell you exact temperature because my stove is gas and the knob broke so I just wing it.  The tofu like this is great right away because it's crispy and yummy. However, holds up well in the freezer as well.  I made a big batch last time and froze 1/2.

So to make the saute I basically defrosted the tofu.  Sliced some onions and added the tofu.  Seasoned with some whole mustard, basil, garlic, and soy sauce.  Stirred it a bit and that was it.

I used this recipe!  So delish and easy.  Cannot go wrong :).




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