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Laurie Harris was born in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1985. Even as a very young girl, she always seemed to be preoccupied with arts and crafts, often keeping her hands busy drawing and cutting pictures while watching cartoons or making animals out of telephone wire at her elementary school.
Her love for creating fashions started when her father gave her a fashion drawing kit for Hanukkah.  Even throughout high school she took every opportunity to learn more about fashion, often choosing fashion related topics for papers and projects.

Harris graduated from the University of California Davis with a Bachelors of Science in Design with an emphasis in Textiles and Fashions and a minor in Textiles and Clothing (Fashion Marketing and Fiber Science).  While in UCD she was a very active student taking on many leadership roles and conducting research in her field.  She is currently living in Panama City, Panama, improving her Spanish, exploring her roots and working in the fashion world.

Laurie Harris' Portfolio

Education University of California Davis

BS (Bachelors of Science) in Design with an emphasis in Textiles and Clothing, and a Minor in Textiles and Clothing, June 2007, GPA 3.88

Skills and Experience:
General Skills: Computer: Have experience in both Mac and PC computers as well as programs including: PowerPoint, Photoshop, Illustrator and Pagemaker. Proficiency in Word, Excel and most Internet and email. Language: Advanced knowledge of Spanish (written and spoken).

Fashion Design
* Paper pattern making
* Draping
* Fashion Illustration
* Technical flat and specification drawings

Computer Programs
* PAD system for CAD
* Adobe Photoshop
* Adobe Illustrator
* Adobe Style Draper

Textile Design
* Silk screen
* Weaving * Digital Inkjet Printing
* Surface Design (dyeing, “batik” with casava paste, stencils, handpainting, gold-leafing)

Textile Science and Knowledge
* Understanding of properties and structures of natural and artificial fibers
* Weave structures
* History of world textiles and fashions

Graphic Design
* photo editing with Adobe Photoshop 
* digital illustration with Adobe Illustrator 
*creations  of banners and buttons and basic html

Pertinent Experience

Textile Graphic Designer for Ocean Pacific (license of OP for Latina America and Caribean) Pacific Latinamerica, Panamá City, Panamá (October 2007 until present). Trend research for beach and surf related fashions especially for Juniors collections (3 per year). Design/creation of original art for prints, patterns, buttons, embroideries, tags etc. Technical sketches for women’s wear (swimsuits, tees, blouses, dresses, pants, shorts, jeans, boardshorts, etc.). Color combinations and balancing of collection. All technical drawing sheets for manufacturers. Revision of fit/quality of garment construction as well accuracy/quality of prints and designs.

Co-president of the Runway Designers’ Club, UC Davis CA (2006-2007): Coordinate and produce fashion shows of student designers’ work. Lead weekly meetings and provide email summaries of information to all members. Budget and coordinate information to apply for grants and obtain departmental funding. Formulate committees and supervise their progress. Organize fundraising activities and monitor member participation. Research venues for the fashion shows and perform stage management.

Internship with Pamela Pacelli, store owner of Five Figs Couture, Davis, California ( (2007). Organization of inventory and assistance with store merchandising through internet sites, catalogs and market week (in Los Angeles, California).

Internship with Designer Angelina DeAntonis, Creator of Ocelot Clothing, San Francisco, California ( (2005). Mixing and formula creation for fabric dyeing. Preparation of fabric (silk and wool) for natural dyeing (dogwood, lac, fustic, iron etc.) Artificial dyeing with Procion. Surface design using the Japanese resist dyeing technique called “Itajime,” which uses wood or plastic shapes to create designs on the fabric. Organization of finished textiles for final sewing. Knowledge of sewing system and preparation. Creation of sample cards for clients with samples of fabric for color, fabric type and design. Independent projects with ethnic textiles and creation of own designs.

2006-present-Lalipourie Designs-blog and website, as well as original accessories and jewelry sold at local markets
2007-First UCD Design Student to be a finalist for the Chancellors Award for Undergraduate Research 2006-2007-Co-president of Runway Designers Club
2005-2007-Member of Runway Designers Club
2006-2007-Presenter at Undergraduate Research Conference
2006-2007-Article contributor about the National Panamanian folkdress of Panamá, La Pollera, for an Encyclopedia of World Fashions for Bergs of London.
2006-2007-Research grant recipient for the Presidential Undergraduate Research Fellowship at UCD 2006-2007-Participant in the Murals program (Mentorship for Undergraduate Research in Letters and Science) at UCD 2007-Certificate for participation on the Undergraduate Fashion Conference at UCD 2006-First place for Textiles for Design Student Exhibition for the Design Department at UCD 2005-First and third place for Textile Art in the exhibition and participation on the fashion show for the Undergraduate Fashion Conference
2003-2007-Dean’s List


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