watch out curves ahead!

Recently read some interesting articles about plus size models in fashion and the vmagazine size issue on Jezeabel. I think it's a change that should be made. I think nothing better than showing positive healthy versions of women in the media. As a designer I've never understood the whole design for a 9 head proportioned stick figure woman when really I'm designing for real women with real bodies like me. It's just darn confusing and doesn't make sense to promote something that isn't quite real. If you ask me. That's why my clothing has always been size conscious. My last collection I designed was actually extremely size friendly. I basically wanted to make my life easier and not have to adjust my designs or re-sew anything so I made my whole collection basically free size. And when I had to switch models (varying greatly in size) for scheduling issues the transition was a snap and all my girls looked lovely!

Anyway check out the vmagazine size issue, and this interesting article about this stupid controversy over plus size models.


cute with a bike

cutness...Anthropologie does it again...

Perfect Picnic

Last week I discovered this sweet little blog called Summer Picnic Wedding. Being obsessed with picnics, I spent quite some time there browsing. I found these perfect picnic pictures and thought I should share!


my dear friend Melody sent me a link to this site were you can send you own designs to be printed on fabric! Once you've ordered something with your own design you can choose to sell your prints on the site for a percentage. What is most nifty is that they over a variety of fabric such as orangic cotton and bamboo/rayon! I've bookmarked Spoonflower because I would love to print some of my designs!

I like colors...photo inspiration

"Dance isn't a form, it's a way of life."Crewel Embroidery
33, I need them, doodling, brian yates pip, rococo sunset, dance isn't a form, it's a way of life, crewel embroidery, winter is for snuggling



Happy Monday!

Latte art at cafe paris
So Monday's aren't usually my favorite day of the week. But there are always the small things that make it better. Like the sun shining brightly on my brisk walk to work this morning. The cinnamon lattes I make for myself every morning now that I've mastered the big and noisy espresso machine at work. Email updates from old friends. Good morning kisses through instant messenger from my honey. Reading about new events for the week. And listening to new music. Happy Monday everyone!

Today I happened to find out that A Fine Frenzy has a new album called Bomb in a Birdcage. I have a serious girl crush on Alison Sudol. She's so pretty and has great style and gorgeous red hair!



weekend getaway!

Imagining a lovely weekend getaway! I'm inspired by my girls friends who came to visit me after New Years here in Panama. I was surprised when they arrived at the airport with just a backpack each...for their 10 day visit! I'm always thinking I need to do that...you know...pack light. It's makes all the difference. Here's how I would like to to travel light!

1. travel bag, Amy Butler: Isn't this fabulous! I just love the prints! And it looks like the perfect size! YUM.
2. organic cotton jacket, Pretty Birdie: Cute comfy looking coat. Great because it's light weight and has great pockets. I'm a real believer in pockets especially when traveling. So helpful. Plus looks like this coat can be dressed up or down.
3. organic top, Sandmaiden: Love the color and looks comfy.
4. bamboo herem short, ureshii: these look super comfortable but I'd get them in Charcoal.
5. cute panties, ontheinside: so cute! Never hurts to have cute underwear!
6. organic cotton bra, ontheinside: a comfy bra is a must especially if your on a long flight. I think this bra is really cute!
7. silver studs, katezabone: simple, no fuss earring are a must for me. I can't go without earrings because I'll feel naked, but when traveling it's more comfortable to have something that won't interfere with my travel pillow.
8. bling earrings: virginiageigerjewels: But a girl has always got to have at least on pair of fancy earrings for a night out!
9. high waist linen skirt, lamixx: I love linen because it is cool and comfortable, can get wrinkly though so roll it instead of folding it in your bag.
10. top, ureshii: another great top for mixing and matching.
11. bamboo sleep mask, doodlebugsfunfabrics: sleep masks are so helpful when they keep turning on and off the lights on an airplane! Pair this with my trusty blow up air pillow and I'm ready to catch some zzzzzz...
12. scarf, Modcloth: I always pack a scarf when I travel. Besides wearing is around the neck its useful for random bad hair days or if large enough to wear as a top.
13. passport cover, roguetheory: OK. So this isn't entirely necessary but heck it's cute!

Well I hope you have a great weekend! Happy Friday!


Quote of the day

"...every day should have its moments of unadulterated delight, whether that should come in the form of a quiet snowy walk, a tea date with a friend, or, you know, ice cream."
-Sarah McColl of Pink of Perfection


Unicorns & Cupcakes

a good day for unicorns and cupcakes
a good day for unicorns and cupcakes by Lalipourie

For my sister Miss Miki: I think we should go for a bike ride and then reward ourselves with cupcakes! Good idea? I think so!

See the unicorn water bottle? Cute huh? My sister designed it! Get it here.


recycling is for lovers!

how cute is this headband made of recycled newspaper! I'm impressed and I wanna make my own! Available @ the awesome Fey Handmade!


giggle fest

Her Laugh is so beautiful, originally uploaded by deeb'd.

...Walking downtown with your pants on the ground! Looking like a fool with your pants on the ground...

OK. I was literally hysterical for about an hour and a half straight after watching this Pants on the Ground song from American Idol on Saturday night. Makes me proud to be an American! Buahahahaha! ENJOY!


Inspiration: underbaraclara

lovely images that inspire me from Swedish blog Underbaraclara


Green Is Sexay!!!!

Pictures courtesy of my gal pals: Sarah Sporik and Iris Delgado. Thanks loves!*these pictures are for your personal use only. Thank you.
Right after New Year I went to Bocas del Toro with a couple of my party girls from here in PTY and two friends visiting me from SF/Oahu. Our adventure was beyond fun and I have lots to share! I think that was the funnest weekend ever...everything from waking up at 3am to take the bus, early morning catching up with my dear friend on the windy ride to Bocas with a full moon outside, terrible breakfast with a great ocean view, tandem bike ride through town with 5 crazy girls wearing mustaches, delish fish dinner, dancing all night, lazy beach time and lots of laughs! I could go on....and I will once I've edited my pictures! Anyway remember my green ikat scarf? Yeah I'm still obsessed with ikat...well I decided to wear it as a top pair a long with my ever-so-nifty-eco-friendly-super-sexy telephone wire earrings designed by yours truly and available here! In the middle is a picture from the red frog beach! No joke those froggies are like the size of a piece of chewing gum!

PS: Have you seen the new Green is Sexy? You should!!!! FAB new tips :D Happy Friday!


Inspiration of the day: Let's Find Some Beautiful Place To Get Lost

What a great idea? Don't you think?
Untitled (Let's Get Lost) by Shaun Sundholm, from 20X200 great art and an affordable price.

Summer Swoon & Quote of the Day

Diablo Rosso, a cafe/boutique/gallery has dinner movie nights and last night to my delight they had a showing of 500 Days of Summer. I've been wanting to see it for ages. And I thought it was lovely! Not quite a love story but I thought it was so funny and had a sweet ending. Hurrah for uber cuties Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel! Zooey's character, Summer, dresses super cute. Here are some scenes from the movie:

And here are some things to give you that irresistibly cute look Summer has in the movie.

I Love Us, greeting card from etsy
I'm in love with the greeting card from the movie. My new quote of the day: "I Love Us," I dunno I think it's genius!



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