Today I've been doing a bit of research for my next travel adventure to Montevideo, Uruguay and Buenos Aires, Argentina! I'm getting super excited looking into things to fill my time! I'm looking forward to free city walking tours, street markets and renting bikes! Oh and of course lots of eating and shopping. I came across a link to this clothing brand called Rapsodia and can't wait to check out those clothes in person! The presentation of trend looks are spectacular on the website! Take a look!



inspired by waka waka

Hello pretty readers! Being busy has taken away my quality blog posting/reading time! I'm hoping things even out soon and I can share some of the new inspirations I've been planning for Lalipourie. Here's a post I've been meaning to finish up! Hope you enjoy! Comments please!

So during the world cup the Waka Waka song by Shakira was driving me nuts being played over and over constantly....but I do like some of the African/inspired styling in the video. I'm a big fan of accessorizing and mix match patterns so here's my take on the looks with my own polyvore! Enjoy! Have a great week!

*PS: link to my polyvore only has 1 outfit...I accidentally deleted other one's :(


Happy Weekend

Hello lovelies! Sorry I've been a little MIA from Lalipourie, this week was a busy one. I've been saving up lots of lovely sources of inspiration for you! It's Saturday and I'm having a good time cooking and preparing all the fruits and veggies I just picked up this morning from the fruit truck! It makes me feel so healthy and happy to prepare my own food. I just picked up mangos, papayas, pineapples, tomatoes, carrots, potato, plantains, bananas and cucumber! So I decided to make some homemade tomato sauce that I can use throughout the week in my cooking. I'm also thinking of some delicious salads this week with all that yummy fruit! I have a wonderful recipe for papaya seed dressing which I used to marinade chicken breast that came out just divine! I promise to get on here this coming week and some new pictures of my own adventures at the seafood market!

This weekend I'm going to take it easy. Besides belly dance practice today I would like to organize my room (again), work on this exercise book I'm making myself, maybe watch a movie with my honey and make something pretty. I just found out where the Indian grocery store is but I might just save that for next weekend unless tomorrow I get a burst of energy to go. I really would like to buy some garbanzo flour so that I can try to make this. What are your plans?
*image liv by Andaria


comfy classics

Lately all I've wanted to be is comfy. All the time. Comfy pants, comfy shoes...little fuss. I'm loving these uber simple looks mixing plain white shirts, leather belts, flats and jeans. Timeless and always cute!
*images linked to sources...please do take a look


a good start....

*pic via joie de vivre
Hiya! Today I woke up to rain....It is so much harder to roll out of bed when I know its raining. So as you can imagine I didn't workout and I couldn't walk to work. I think my quest for being healthier is going OK. I'm not perfect but I am very realistic with myself...I'm trying to eat less and eat less bad things. One day at a time right? Anyway this picture (and a cup of coffee) totally lightened my day up. So funny. Each kitty looks pretty annoyed. I wonder how they got all those cats in there?

My weekend was lovely. Friday I had some me time. I watched Gossip Girls online and then practiced some belly dancing. Saturday my honey and I went to El Mercado de Mariscos (Seafood Market) and tried the famous ceviche! Sunday I chilled at home did some cleaning, made new curtains for my room, made pot holders out of scrap fabric and listened to music.


Have a Sunny weekend!

* image glamcanyon
Hi! Thank goodness it's Friday! I'm hoping for clear skys tomorrow so that I can do some exploring and maybe checking out the seafood market to finally try famous ceviche! If not I'm sure I'll be lazing about my apartment, cleaning and maybe practicing belly dance! Have a great weekend! Cheers!


organized pantry + kitty!

*click image for source
via today I love via home shopping spy

el baile del vientre

As you may remember I am taking a belly dance class Saturdays and I absolutely love it! I've done my share of dancing since I was 5 years old studying ballet, tap, hula, tahitian, latin (salsa, merengue, samba, punta/soca, bachata, reggaeton etc), and tid bits of tango, flamenco, hip hop and swing dancing....But people's eyes tend to pop out just a wittle bit when they hear that I used to tahitian dance! Being that it is such a fast and impressive dance style (plus skimpy costumes with which I have a love/hate relationship) but man belly dance is kicking my bum in other ways than my excessive practicing for UC Davis' Na Keiki O'Hawai'i club did. I fondly remember the days of pain in my quads I would suffer especially after the first days of practice during Fall Quarter. Simple tasks such as sitting were painful, let alone biking! But with belly dance you have to be able to move every itty bit of your body....the hip movements for me aren't an issue (I often get snarls from my 19-20 year old dance classmates at my lighting speed shimmy! buahahaha), but all those tricky arm movements are really tough! Now we are getting into the real freaky way with which belly dancers move there stomachs. It's both exciting and good painful trying to get the moves down. We also started to do strange things on the floor and this is when my weak points really show, I'm not that flexible and really being graceful on your knees is not as easy as it looks!

Another exciting feature of my class is that after the year course is over we have presentations AND we have to make our own costumes! I'm super excited about this part and have been obsessive the last few weeks. Above is my inspiration collage! If you have time look up "Ansuya" or "Sadie" in youtube! Man those ladies know how to move!

Anways I'm always lurking around my favorite blogs when today I saw that Free People had their new catalog up! Cool to see some cool shimmy worthy accessories in the August selection!



a lovely afternoon

A couple weeks ago I spent a lovely afternoon picnic and stroll with my honey!

* These pictures are for your personal use only and I maintain the copywrite. Thank you.


good morning + food diary!

Liz * Swedish
Everyday is a constant struggle to not only just get out of bed with enough time to get ready for work, but also to actually workout before I start my day. I walk about 35-40 minutes each way to work daily, but I know for a fact that I should do more. I'm such a fan of the snooze button its terrible. I think the issue is that I never get to bed early. I always manage to get distracted with the internet, reading something or crafting...next thing I know its 1:30 am and I am wide awake. However, I am proud to say that THIS MORNING I woke up a little early and did some stretching exercises. I've been taking a belly dancing class since March and it would be nice to get into better shape before we have any presentations. I'll be thinking positive that I will wake up early again tomorrow.

Another thing on my recent to do list is eat healthy (trying to slim down after the roll that formed on my waistline from my last trip home). Especially for breakfast. Obviously with above mentioned issue breakfast is difficult. I absolutely have to plan ahead or I will get sucked into to buying various fried things that are sold on the street here in Panama. And I know there are no excuses because I could just as easily buy some yogurt and fruit but fritura always looks yummier. Anyway I'm on a quest to eating healthy overall.

Thus having a food diary is something I've tried on and off during the years....I'm usually too unorganized and not disciplined enough to make it useful. I've thought about posting about my meals as a way to keep myself from cheating but then decided against it. So I am really excited that I found out you can Tweet What You Eat, to track calories and weight loss. I am going to experiment and see how it goes. I'm going to use calorie count and calories burned calculator. According to Prevention's daily calorie counter to maintain my weight I need 2,268 calories daily and to loose 2 lbs a week must reduce 1000 calories daily....reduce 400 calories from food and do 600 calories of exercise daily. Seems totally doable. So on your right you will see updates to my food diary. It's mostly a personal thing and to keep myself in check! If there is ever anything in my food diary that interests you or you wish to request a recipe just let me know!

Anywho I have lots to share this week. I had prepared a lovely post and new polyvore but I didn't have my computer plugged in and it shut down loosing my post. It was tragic but I think I can recreate it tonight. Keep a look out for new Laurie's Kitchen recipe!

PS: please read this...it had me snorting I was laughing so hard...quite embarrassing while at work actually but so funny. It totally expresses my feelings that being an adult is so overrated.

PPS: my first day with my food diary and I think I'm doing great!!!!!!!!!! Plus ate lots of yum :D


botanical illustration

Remember my botanical mood board? Well here's is the final fashion illustration! Tell me what you think!


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