el baile del vientre

As you may remember I am taking a belly dance class Saturdays and I absolutely love it! I've done my share of dancing since I was 5 years old studying ballet, tap, hula, tahitian, latin (salsa, merengue, samba, punta/soca, bachata, reggaeton etc), and tid bits of tango, flamenco, hip hop and swing dancing....But people's eyes tend to pop out just a wittle bit when they hear that I used to tahitian dance! Being that it is such a fast and impressive dance style (plus skimpy costumes with which I have a love/hate relationship) but man belly dance is kicking my bum in other ways than my excessive practicing for UC Davis' Na Keiki O'Hawai'i club did. I fondly remember the days of pain in my quads I would suffer especially after the first days of practice during Fall Quarter. Simple tasks such as sitting were painful, let alone biking! But with belly dance you have to be able to move every itty bit of your body....the hip movements for me aren't an issue (I often get snarls from my 19-20 year old dance classmates at my lighting speed shimmy! buahahaha), but all those tricky arm movements are really tough! Now we are getting into the real freaky way with which belly dancers move there stomachs. It's both exciting and good painful trying to get the moves down. We also started to do strange things on the floor and this is when my weak points really show, I'm not that flexible and really being graceful on your knees is not as easy as it looks!

Another exciting feature of my class is that after the year course is over we have presentations AND we have to make our own costumes! I'm super excited about this part and have been obsessive the last few weeks. Above is my inspiration collage! If you have time look up "Ansuya" or "Sadie" in youtube! Man those ladies know how to move!

Anways I'm always lurking around my favorite blogs when today I saw that Free People had their new catalog up! Cool to see some cool shimmy worthy accessories in the August selection!


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