a good start....

*pic via joie de vivre
Hiya! Today I woke up to rain....It is so much harder to roll out of bed when I know its raining. So as you can imagine I didn't workout and I couldn't walk to work. I think my quest for being healthier is going OK. I'm not perfect but I am very realistic with myself...I'm trying to eat less and eat less bad things. One day at a time right? Anyway this picture (and a cup of coffee) totally lightened my day up. So funny. Each kitty looks pretty annoyed. I wonder how they got all those cats in there?

My weekend was lovely. Friday I had some me time. I watched Gossip Girls online and then practiced some belly dancing. Saturday my honey and I went to El Mercado de Mariscos (Seafood Market) and tried the famous ceviche! Sunday I chilled at home did some cleaning, made new curtains for my room, made pot holders out of scrap fabric and listened to music.

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