I want this!

Oh I really want these! From Sora Designs in SF.

muncies/Happy Weekend!

Chipmunk Rising Up From the Mist :)
man have I been having the munchies...which is NOT a good thing. Happy Friday! My plans are a little up in the air. I'm going to be a nerd for Halloween, but dunno where I'll be celebrating. Tomorrow I'm supposed to get up early for breakfast and costume hunt with my girlfriend! Have a nice weekend.


orange & blue

paper lanternMarmelade
paposAlena + Steph
Summer dress

today's inspiration

Melodie McDaniel photography

via the city sage (note kitties in corner!)

echino by estuko furaya via print & pattern

Emily Hogarth



The other day I was inspired by the amazing artworks on Papayart! So I made a self-portrait collage with this quote! Tell me what you think?


real friendship!

Check out this sweet inspirational story on Cnn.com about a 5 year old boy and his quest to help his classmate, Emily who is ill. If it doesn't work just go to video section and look for Boy 5, tries to help ill girl.


Blog-about #9

Uros Petrovic - Good Morning!
Good morning everyone! Ok woke-up super sleepy this morning! I slept in and feel a little guilty. But not so guilty I won't enjoy a mocha. Anyway I'll make another workout mix to make up for it lol! I had a good weekend. Saturday I did a little shopping: I got a lovely chiffon scarf in a deep blue purple and an ikat scarf in emerald green at Sol de la India, an awesome Indian store here in Panama. I like to go there and fantasize about having my own house and a place to put the lovely wears they have. Stuff there is pretty cheap and most things are all hand made-tie dyed, crocheted, embroidered or printed with beautiful color combos. I think my head would explode if I actually went to India. Well I also was bad and got a pretty purple sweater top and black pencil skirt. Oh and these nifty looking lacey tights in creme color. It looked too cute and lady like for me to leave behind. I got great deals so I don't feel toooooo guilty. I also went to my favorite Chinese super market under the Sacs in El Dorado Mall. I got all sorts of goodies including mustard greens, noodles, tofu, Chinese tamales (sticky rice with pork and beans inside. YUM) but was soooo sad my fave Thai Chili paste to make Tom Yum soup is no longer there....I got some other Thai chili paste but it doesn't have the same ingredients so I'm a little bummed but we'll see. Sunday's picnic was nice and relaxing! I made roasted veggie, turkey and smoked cheddar sandwiches, Mexican chocolate banana bread pudding with nuts, and plums. We also got paletas or popsicles! I got guanabana and my bf got lemon (mine was yummier). Since my dad sent me that message about the health benefits of eating guanabana I've been trying to incorporate it more. I got some frozen pulp to make chicha (in Panama means any fruit drink) with milk. Anyways the bike ride was sooooooo fun I can't wait to go again! The views of the bay and the city are to die for. We went leisurely and the breeze was just divine. It was a lot easier than the fun cycle day for sure! But oh how I miss my very own bicycle Nemo. Well below is a new blog-about for you to start off your week!

-oh la la pretty girl in polka-dot dress
-I REALLY like this little black dress!
-I think these birdies they would be super cute on my work desk
-black woman faces 15 years for supposedly cutting line at Walmart??? This is ridiculous! Help by signing petition
-mmmm delish looking images of breakfast
-giant dog & little baby adorableness!
-who knew state insects were sooooo pretty?
-ooof so I know dating can be scary sometimes but this is just caaaraaazaaay! Check out the message some Canadian weirdo left for this poor girl!
-Tulu OMG!
-expenssiiiiive but isn't this purdy!
-I like this sweater dress thing
-pretty plum sugar! Loving it!
-I'm liking this song Amor Genuino by Zion and Lennox-though video sorta bugs me since it's not entirely historically accurate but I'll just let it go.....for now
-just discovered Bread Baby blog, I love it! She's witty and her bread makes me drool!


seeds & nuts!

Well look at these beautiful jewelry items made from Tagua and Acai @ The Andean Collection! These are from Ecuador and Peru, but you see these SAME exact things all over the place here in Panama. Got me thinking...People always say these things are produced here....some must be made here because I've seen native Embera people making amazing animal carvings with Tagua. I'm just wondering if maybe all those colorful beads are in fact imported from elsewhere? Are they all made with natural dyes? Hmmmm PS: Saw it here first

things that make me go eeeeeeeeeee!

DSC_0011, originally uploaded by *lalalaurie.

Happy Friday! Hope y'all have nice plans for the weekend. I'm going dancing tonight, cleaning/cooking tomorrow and have a bicycle ride/picnic date Sunday! PS: cuteness overload! I added this thing on my Facebook called CuteFeed. O lordy are there some cute things on it! Below are some of my favorites! Made me smile for sure!


stewart & brown

classy looks from stewart & brown


sweet lace dresses

pretty lace dresses! click on images for original source


green is sexy

Oh yes indeedy! Rachel McAdams and two friends have an awesome blog, green is sexy, chock full of green tips. Soooo fabulous! I'm loving many of these handy tips. For example, I've never been a lavender fan but heck this tip might convince me otherwise! What's in your make-up? I've also made a vow to stop dyeing my hair after reading a scary article from Prevention (which I can't find anymore...) and I used henna the last time to get back to a brownish state, but these girls have some good facts too. And I can attest to the one-pot meal! Don't you love when being lazy pays off? Oh and an eco-friendly font???? Oh yes there is! Thanks to Boho's Magazine blog for tipping me off to this!


On the Town in Lalipourie!

on the town in Lalipourie
So I've made some clothes over the years and I recently have been wearing them out to parties, etc. Let me know what you think! Remember visit my shop for some of my telephone wire creations. Always check with me with any questions! click to enlarge

Erica Shires

some beautiful images by NY photographer Erica Shires, also she took images of local Berkeley designer, Erica Tanov's fall 2008 collection.


back from beach paradise...

pics from here
This weekend was lovely in Taboga. I got a slight slight tan and had a very relaxing time. Back @ work now and wishing I was still swimming in the ocean or resting in the hammock with a beautiful view like we had. We were super lucky and had a very sunny weekend. I woke up to rain this morning which made it hard to roll out of bed this morning...by the way isn't that a cute suit! Grace Kelly was gorgeous. Will post my own pics asap ;)


Blog-About #8

Happy Friday everyone! What are your plans? I'm gonna make my bf some dinner...I'm thinking chicken, mushrooms & basil over quinoa! Sound good? Tomorrow we are off to the island of Taboga for a tropical beach adventure! Let's hope no rain. I'm in desperate need of some beach time. Here are some fun things I've seen lately! Tootles!

-take a look at this cute girl with pretty braids and her bicycle! All her clothes are thrifted/hand me down. Pretty impressive.
-I still love Video by India Arie (great message) but I'd never seen the actual music video! Yay she is so cute and has a red bicycle! Hurrah! And The Truth is one of my all time fave love songs (check out super fly living room drool drool!) And and this hair video is cute too!
-my dad emailed me this thing about the super anti cancer effects of guanabana or soursop in English. So I guess I can splurge on the occasional guanabana ice cream or yogurt. hehe
-have you seen The Ugly Truth? Really funny and lighthearted. LOVE the super smoken' little black dress in the movie!
-I wish I could always look put-together. Loving this sexy little romper pajama thing, too cute.
-if I had a spare $430 I would splurge on this super cute jacket
-mmmm figs and a Happy Friday
-ah aaaah super adorable cute wedding le sigh, must see the pics too adorable, her dress....
-waaaay too adorable kitty model...
-hehe check out this baby!

Vida Galleria

I've been meaning to post pictures from this lovely store for quite some time now. Vida Galleria is located in the picturesque Casco Viejo a block from the Plaza Cathedral and in front of La Casa Gorgona. American owner, Laurie, (great name huh?) lived many years in Guatemala before moving to Panama. The store features amazingly beautiful home accessories, handbags, and other beauties all featuring handcrafts of both Guatemala and Panama. My favorites our the to die for Mola and hand woven pillows (weaving done in Guatemala), and the gorgeously bright colored hammocks displayed around! My sweet friend, Chabela, from Buenos Aires also sells her wears there (picture with her below)! I was lucky to go to an opening there and had a lovely time enjoying fresh ceviche de corvina con manzanas and white wine!

Chabela y yo (left) and the lovely ladies of Vida Galleria (Laurie in the middle)


new flickr favorites

Row housing, San Francisco212
Lily's Story by Iain McKell.


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