thought of the day: grow old with me

I made this piece of artwork yesterday....if you haven't seen design is mine blog's thoughts of the day section, than you should. She shares a lot of great art and awesome sayings. I was inspired by one I saw on her blog and mixed that saying with an idea I had cooking in my mind for months. I am very happy with the come out and I think I will make more.

Basically, I started with a basic sketch and then I put it into illustrator so that I could fiddle with it more. Then I printed on recycled paper (backwards), pasted it to a magazine page that had pretty colors, then cut out the pieces and put them back together on another page...I'd also thought about using an x-acto and cutting the pieces out. That would have been nice too, but I don't have an x-acto and this way worked out too. Sorry for the bad quality of image, the scanner at my work isn't working so I took a picture this morning....Tell me what you think!

PS: have a great weekend!

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Maybe it's time for some lazy cheesecake?

I'd sure say so! recipe here.


quote of the day: sorrow

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When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.

~Kahlil Gibran


channeling my inner grandma...

cat in granny glasses, jade by Sara. Nel saw it on cup of jo
We already know of my love for granny chic decor and anything crochet...sometimes I wonder why these old lady things appeal to me so much? I think besides that fact that I am perfectly happy spending an entire afternoon crocheting the sleeves on a blouse....It's those handmade, loved to death, pass down treasures that I love. These grandma inspired things to me mean one-of-a-kind and totally special. Even if it's new, if it looked like your grandma made it or bought it...I usually like it! How about you? What's you style? Are you a modern gal? Or are you channeling your inner grandma?

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a bomb in a birdcage....

this style collage is inspired by Alison Sudol of A Fine Frenzy and her new album, a Bomb in Birdcage. She has great style...a little quirky, mod and girly. I was inspired after seeing this new photoshoot featuring her! I think she might wear this look! Plus check out this awesome illustrator, Katie Daisy I saw on Modish and fell in love!


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I'm not as deary as I was a couple of days ago. Trying to be busy busy! Today I designed a map + tour information for a new idea I have giving walking tours in Panama, tonight I'm going to send some pictures to a girl interested in purchasing some of my bangles and I am going to grab some Indian food with a girlfriend. Tomorrow some cleaning, catching up with the big sister, belly dance class and I'm going to my first Panamanian party bus which are called Chivas. I'm sorta scared but it should be fun. Sunday I hope to dig out some of my design supplies and be a little lazy. Happy Weekend!


quote of the day: blessings

Yesterday was a bad day period. There was not much I could do to make it better either. It moved at snails pace....and then thank God it was almost time to go home and crawl into bed! Oh but then it started to rain...really hard. Because in Panama, when it rains it pours. So what does little Laurie do? I put on my red raincoat and walked home in the rain...I got super wet, but I got home in one piece.

Good thing I walked because it didn't stop. And I came home to a wet bed because I left the window open...and today I waited an hour in the rain for a taxi and my shoes got wet. But I borrowed some miss-matched socks from the design department and the lady in accounting let me borrow some sandals....so here I am looking sorta like a grandma from Chinatown...which I don't think is a bad thing per se, I mean I love layering....

anyway last night I went on to Facebook to distract myself and a friend put up this quote:

"The secret of happiness is to count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles"

And it hit me....

like a brick. I've been really negative lately. I almost gave up. And I lost site of what was most important. Today is just another day and tomorrow is another one. But I'm going to try to keep that on my mind. I'm blessed. Things don't always work out but I'm going to be Ok.


pale spring

I received a lovely note that I was included in this Pale Spring Treasury! Isn't that nice! It's a really pretty treasury! Thanks for including me Karina!

perfect summer time

I love just about everything in these photos the clothes, the styling and the settings are lovely. Look like perfect summer time to me. Photography by Antonella Arismendi.


Happy Weekend!

picture via diy network
Another week has gone by and this weekend looks a little deary...it's gray and rainy right now and I have a night of packing to look forward to tonight. Bright and early tomorrow I am moving to yet another apartment and Sunday is census so we have to stay in all day. So I can't say I'm all that excited for this weekend! Only good part is that I'll be moving in with my cousin so I am hoping that that is a positive change! So HAPPY WEEKEND! What are you plans?

chic travel essentials

YAY! I finally have figured out how to make a treasury on etsy! See my chic travel essentials I made just for fun!

I am obsessed with traveling and pride myself in being a great packer! Since I was a year old my parents have taken me with them traveling and now I am totally addicted. I find myself fantasizing about trips to exotic places all the time. Imagining where I'd visit, the things I'd want to taste and even what I would wear! I often separate in my mind the clothes that "travel well" and clothes that I would leave at home. Here is a list of the criteria I generally use when packing and used for my chic travel essentials:

-be organized-being organized from the beginning means that I'm less likely to accidentally leave something behind. Simple solutions such as that nifty passport case, clutch or keeping essentials in clear zip baggies make findings things easy in a big bag.
-comfort is key-traveling can be super tiring and flying really is not the most comfortable experiences for most of us. I like to have a trusty inflatable travel pillow, and sleep mask for the plane so that I can have lots of rest and energy for site seeing. Comfort also applies to clothes and shoes! With having to spend hours sitting or conversely walking while you travel be sure to bring comfortable items to wear.
-protect yourself-against the sun and germs! I never travel without sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses and hand sanitizer! The antiseptic spray I included can be used for minor cuts, burns and bug bites too!
-entertain yourself-I have issues with sitting somewhere with nothing to do, so I usually either have some music to listen to, a book or magazine to read, notebook and pencils for sketching or a crochet project to work on while waiting at the airport. But be selective and bring only what you will use.
-pack light-airlines are constantly restricting weight allowance so it's better to only bring what you need and look for clothes with thin fabrics. Light weight fabrics also come in handy if you have to do hand washing on your trip. And most of all a little extra space in your suitcase means you can take home the awesome souvenir that you could not leave without!
-style does matter-just because you need to pack things that are comfortable and utilitarian does not mean you need to be boring! Avoid looking too much like a tourist and remember you will be taking pictures while on vacation. I suggest planing your outfits before you pack to make life a little easier. Keep in mind to bring clothes that can be easily mixed together and could be worn from day until night. Remember too that a few cute accessories can pull together a simple outfit!


Vote for my Bikini!

Billabong is hosting bikini design contest! Please vote for mine! The challenge is to design for the Brazilian surfer Maya Gabeira’s 2011 signature suit! So I figured that she would need something functional and eye catching from a distance. I created the colorful wave print design fabric to contrast the solid fuschia portions. The final look is colorful and figure flattering!


inspiration: boho mamas

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I used to spend hours at the top of the stairs looking at my mom's photo albums. She had such a timeless sense of style! I would ask if she still had the stuff and then raid her closet. Free People is hosting an awesome contest! Send in a picture of your boho mama and you may be the one chosen to actually have the outfit recreated! How cool is that?! I'm not home to browse my mom's pictures so I've urged my big sis to do it! I think my mama could totally win!

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things i like today

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