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I just saw this great post on the blog Fly about Bird Handbags! I just love!


Dias de Moda Panama 2008

So next week is Panama's fashion week, (Dias de Moda Panama 2008) which lasts 3 days and showcases national and mostly Latin American Designers. I went last year and saw some great designs and got some good freebies too. Here are some of my favorites from last year: Juan David Velez (Panama), Andrea Vernaza (Panama), Moises Sandoya (Panama), Lisa Thon (Puerto Rico), and Monica Socolovsky (Argentina).

click on image to see details

Catalina Estrada

I came across Colombian illustrator, Catalina Estrada, about a year ago, and just love her work. What really draws my attention is her use of lots of color, sweet animals, pretty flowers, patterns and the mirror image effect she often does mesmerizes me. I especially dig the collaboration she did with Brazilian clothing brand, Anunciação. Check out her site here to check out her portfolio.


one-eyed, one-horned flying purple eater

After seeing a wonderful outfit creations over at Creature Comforts I was totally inspired to make one too! I used Polyvore, which is a fun site where you can put looks together! Really fun and a great way to burn an entire afternoon :p

I would wear this outfit for a day out shopping with my big sis in SF and a stop at Cafe Madeleine for hot cocoa &/or delicious treats! I was envisioning a cool, breezy Fall SF afternoon! I decided to not really go on a realistic budget, once I came across the Anna Sui blouse! So this is sometime in the future when I am loaded with $$$! I pretty much love everything I chose, but def need some gold hoops and a purple bag to add to my wardrobe! I've always loved purple, but have been especially inspired lately my yummy purple stuff I have been seeing in stores around here. Especially at the Brazilian shoe/accessory store VIA UNO. I fell in love with their stuff about 2 years ago in San Jose, Costa Rica when I picked up a pair of very sweet brown kitten heels. Now 3 pairs later, they have a great variety of shoes and accessories in a range of purples. I've been drooling after a pair of purple suede heels and will be checking back often for sales!

click on the photo to get details on each item with a link to it's site. I've included my ideal hair, make-up and fragrance inspiration as well. Love my Ja'dore by Dior perfume! And love Rhianna's hairstyle in the picture too! I was going to a relaxed warm autumn look. :D Tell me what you think and have a nice afternoon!



My name is Laurie Harris. I am 23, born and raised in the SF Bay Area, California. I am currently living in Panama City, Panama and working as a Fashion Designer. In this blog I hope to share my ideas and inspirations: my love for design, art, travel, food, health, dance and so much more. I hope to share things I find interesting and some of my real life adventures! Come visit me often!

In my free time I work on my own business, Lalipourie Designs. Lalipourie is a combo of 2 of my nicknames: Lali as in Laurie in Hawaiian and Pourie, which rimes with Laurie! So that's it! People always ask me what it means and it's basically me! Below is a little collage of some of the events I have done with Lalipourie Designs since I moved here. On the left is an article I was featured in the local newspaper called Dia Dia! On the right is a picture of me and a loyal customer at the monthly flea market in Casco Viejo (1st Sunday of the month at Plaza Cathedral 9-4pm). And on the bottom right is a picture of a stand at a fair I did in David. I am planning to launch Lalipourie on the web selling through Etsy. So stay tuned! So if you want to know a little more about me or my work check my website out at Lalipourie.googlepages.com



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