VeganYumYum Green Bean Deconstructed Casserole

Though I had already celebrated Thanksgiving in California, I must admit it was kinda sad not to do something special yesterday. However, I did get Chinese vegetarian food-hampao, chow fun, eggplant, and sushi. Not very Thanksgivingy but it was still a treat!

My big sis Miki called last night to report on her 2nd Thanksgiving dinner at our neighbors house. And mmmm sounded good...especially the mention of green bean casserole with green beans from their garden...must say I was jealous! We in my family never really ate "American" food at home. So no casseroles or that sorta thing but I do remember trying these things at neighborhood potlucks! I'm not a big casserole fan but there was always something about green bean casserole that hit the spot! And today as I was checking out some new blogs to read (before we get busy at work!) and I stumbled across VeganYumYum. Already the pics have sold me! And I think I am going to have to check this site regularly! Anywho, she has a really yummy looking recipe for a healthier version of the classic American treat! Doesn't seem hard either. But I'll probably just take the idea but make my own recipe since I am no strict vegan nor a veggie any longer.


Quote of the Day

"When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid." by Aundre Lorde

Thanks Alina!


Colombian Swimwear

Came across two really neat swim wear labels that both just happen to be Colombian. I love the mis-matchiness and especially the hand-made details of Agua Bendita.
And Maajis also has some very interesting cuts and combinations.



The games are addictive and are for a good cause! Play Free Rice. I feel a little smarter too! Thanks to What Possessed Me blog.


Hoy Me Voy

OMG holy crap...Juanes and Colbie Caillat? So they have a duet! Who knew? Both music loves of mine...listen to Hoy Me Voy.


Saw this video while back in high school and always thought it was cute!

Also loves this video and think it's really funny! hahaha I've had those moments.....


playa by Lalipourie
Though we are quickly approaching December, here in Panama is hot and sunny since it is technically summertime. So I am think I should go enjoy the beach asap.

A Fine Frenzy

Started listening to A Fine Frenzy thanks for Decor8's original post about her. I love her beautiful voice and amazing lyrics...some of her songs are so appropriate to my life right now. Plus she is gorgeous and makes me wish I would have inherited my grandmother's red hair :/


Just adore these classy dresses, tops and skirts by Sarahseven. The photos are romantic and work well with the style.


Beautiful Images

Amazingly beautiful picture by fellow Domie (Baggins End UC Davis Coop), Jennifer Arnoth. This so beautiful! I stole it from her Facebook. It's too beautiful not to share.


Angela D'Amico

Love her style! The illustrations she does and her unique wears definitely caught my attention! See here site here and her etsy here.
PS:I just made my first etsy sale! I'm so excited...I hope to have many more soon!


Llama Lovin....

So when I thought of Penguins I thought of my dear friend and amazing artist Gwedolyn. Then I thought of llamas and the amazing llama art Gwen had in her house at the dinner party...I remember seeing the ad for Banana Republic somewhere (don't remember-but have had a little post-it logged somewhere in my brain that I needed to find this picture again) anyway and being in awe of the cuteness and just about fliping out when I saw a drawing of this in Gwen's house. Actually, Gwen is so fabulous that she has two versions: one done herself without the scarf and one by her friend with a scarf...It was love at first site. Just counting the days when I own my own house and can ask to make a color copy for my wall. Swoon......Something soooo damn cute about llamas huh? tee hee! Still regreting the day I did not buy the fuzzy little llama statue in SF when I was like 8... Gwen also honored me (I think) in a weired way by tagging me on facebook with a cat drawing she did of a picture I loaded of friend's cat. So random, so cute. Thanks for lifting my spirits.


OMG Penguins...

Don't really know the story about this. But so cute! Penguins. I think they are needle felted. Saw this on What Possessed Me blog.


Quote of the Day

"Everyday is an opportunity to make a new happy ending."-Anonymous

What a beautiful inspiring quote...just happened to run across it today at this Rian Rae, which has some neat stuff. I needed to hear something like this today...


My DIY dress form and sewing table with chairs

As promised long ago my DIY Projects! 1. redo of a $5 thrift store dress form 2. thrift store folding chair 3. thrift store sewing machine table

What do you think?


Real Deal

A realistically budgeted outfit and shameless self promotion of Lalipourie Designs :P! Most things were on sale, which is where I usually start! This would be a great outfit for some relaxing biking/hanging out in the park! Comfy and stylish!

Lalipourie/Biking outfit! by Lalipourie
Lalipourie Earrings, $14.99
Lalipourie Bangles, $12.50
Urban Outfitters Jeans, $24.99
Buckle Top, $21.20
Delias Flats, $9.99
Fred Flare Sunglasses, $11
Total: $94.67


Lalipourie Designs for Sale

I am happy to announce the opening of Lalipourie Designs via my Etsy! Please feel free to share with friends! I have more items available so if you like what you see but want a different color check with me I might have what you want!
Buy Handmade



Design For Mankind

Came across this cool free magazine site! The current issue is The Handmade Issue. Check it out!

Eco Easy

Eco/Green seems to be coming more mainstream with every day that passes! It's great to see the changes that have come about and I hope that with time these idea go more global. Living in Panama I can tell they are a little behind but I still notice the influence making a difference here as well. I just wish recycling would be more convenient here since most people don't do any recycling at all...granted soda at the corner shop is often sold in glass bottles which they reuse and other resources are recycled such as cans, paper etc. However, this is usually sorted after everything has been thrown together which to me doesn't make much sense. I have noticed there is an occasional pick-up for recycled stuff at a park I've seen on the Panama Social Calendar. Also you cannot buy anything without them putting it in a plastic bag and stapling the receipt to it, which is probably to avoid stealing.....Some good things I like here are that you can buy things in small amounts! Especially in the small Chinese Stores universally called "El Chino" no matter where in the country you are. It's great! Want 1 piece of gum? 1 serving of coffee? 1 slice of cheese? 1 tsp of butter? You don't get stuck with too much stuff in the pantry!

Since a kid recycling and not being wasteful were ingrained into me by my mother and my hippie elementary school (Charquin Alternative Program-in Hayward, CA). I was lucky to learn in such a free thinking environment and encourage to explore different forms of expression. One of my favorite things was center time when we were allowed to kinda do whatever...though there were also organized "centers" where parents or teachers would do some kind of project, game or lesson. Also lots of moms at Charquin were fine artists and I learned everything from paper mache to weaving. As I got older I often loved doing my own thing ie making stuff with the junk in the craft section! Anywho, I've always loved the challenge of creating things by whatever I find or whatever I can reuse...whether making telephone wire jewelry or making a hat from tiny bits of yarn left over from other kids projects that would otherwise be thrown away...so when I went to college and the buzz of sustainability was subject in just about every design class I had it wasn't a new idea for me. I was also fortunate enough to live in a cooperative community my last year at UCD at the Domes. Here I learned so much! Little things we can do to make a small difference in our world...even just using cloth bags at the grocery, composting and eating more locally.

Anyway now for the fun part! Looking on the net it's easy to see that you can find eco/green stuff just about anywhere! Here are some of my favorites things!

I would love to wear this outfit...funky not quite matching with some classic touches! YAY!
Make your Eco/Green outfit and send it to me to share!
I think I am in love...Ashley Watson
Recycled Leather HandbagsThese shoes are soooo cool! I love the idea of changing our ribbons, cords, scarfs, whateve'
Mohop walnut wedge
at The Studio
*I think this is super handy idea! That I could make myself!
re-usable produce bag
by Fabrik
*given that I already wash and re-use zip lock baggies...I would use these everyday! And look more stylish at the same time! yippy!
re-usable oil cloth snack baggies
by RickRackQueen




I remember wasting lots-o-time in college playings these adorable animal games on Orisinal! The other night while babysitting I remembered this site and had to stop by for a visit. And oh dear he has more games! Check his portfolio.



Home Sweet Home

Visiting home was so refreshing. It was just lovely being home during fall and relaxing with family and good friends. Oh, and lots of good food...must admit how I miss the yummy food we are so blessed with in the Bay Area. Anyway, here are some of the highlights of my visit (going back in time.....)Family dinner at French restaurant Jojo in Oakland. Chocolate Souflé Cake with Black Currant Tea Crême Anglaise (OMG so goooooooood! Very chocolately and not too sweet)
No longer a veggie I went for the Duck Confit with potato apple gratin, carrots and sauteed chicory (this was divine!)
Visit to my best friend's parent's home. I love it b/c it is so cozy and they have the best backyard b/c they are magical and can grow anything...so many fond memories in front of the blueberry bush......mmm Here's a pic of some cool hanging flowers
My sis in front of the house!
cool looking mosaic orb garden decoration
Me as Ugly Bettey (these are all clothes I had at my house back home...funny thing is when I arrived at the party my friends did not even know if I was wearing a costume or not)
Japan Town, SF-Men's Pocky? Lost in translation perhaps? LOL these are very funny....Saw these in the Ichiban Kan Different Things! Store (they have great random cheap Japanese stuff to buy! ***I didn't buy any of these tho)
Korean Food in Noe Valley, SF-mouth watering BBQ chicken sandwhich with kimchi, and salad of bean sprouts and cucumbers (best lunch ever!)

cool tin/chocolate store with boxes of photos of street names in SF
my sis and I in a pumpkin patch, Gizditch Ranch
My my olalaberry pie!
yummy pie mmmmmmmmmmm

Me in SF! For browsing and Samba dancing!
Ethiopian food in Berkeley! mmmm
Cool looking wooden dress in Antropology
My best friend's delicious cake mmmm maybe she will share the recipe?
Dinner party with great friends!



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