strawberry swing

I know sorry lately all I do is post videos but this is quite a work of art :D


super cute happy perky song/video

Secret smiley faces made perked me up....Feel like I want to go on a search of my own!



Baja la tensión

New music love: Cultura Profética. With beautiful lyrics and mellow rhythms I could just listen to them all day. I listen to their music close my eyes and get all intense and just wanna dance around! Makes me want to chill out at the beach. Hope you enjoy!

I like this song because it talks about lowering the tension and relax, that you cannot force love.


backpack chic

backpack chic

backpack chic by lalipourie

I'm in need of a chic backpack. I am perpetually running around with loads of stuff....a purse, a lunch bag, glass waterbottle, notebook....time to consolodate + I think a backpack would be comfyier and I could use it for travel...so I'm on the look out.


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NY summer time

Hi all! It's been FOREVER! Oh I miss the days when I actually had time to read blogs and post on Lalipourie. Anyway I went the New York City recently and fell in love with the city (esp. central park). Sadly my digi cam died the first day I arrived but luckily my honey let me borrow his iphone for the trip. So I was able to get some nice pictures. This picture I made look vintage with some app which I think is pretty nifty.




real bodies....

Belle vere - Vogue.itThe Pros & Cons Of V Magazine's Plus-Size Issue - Jezebel
Are Thin Women Not 'Real'? - Lemondrop.com
Google Image Result for http://www.gerbergallery.ch/images/samshaw_200406/samshEVERYTHING YOU LOVE TO HATE™
Tara Lynn - Vogue.it

Images and sources via links on my the curves pinboard
I need positive images of women in my daily life. As well as positive attitudes. I have changed a great deal physically and emotionally since adolescence about my self image. I've always been chubby or curvy if you will, but I haven't always been ok with that. I feel that with age I just seem to like myself and my body more even with stretch marks, and imperfections. I try to waste as little time as possible complaining or pointing out said imperfections. I really do not understand why so many women do that constantly. I try to stay positive....But I have my days. Some people tend to project their own negative insecurities on others. Today someone I work with said I should not eat too much because I was gaining weight. This coming from a person, who is a healthy weight, by the way, but who obsesses constantly about being skinny. I'm so not that person anymore. I have moved on from that, sure I would love to loose a couple lumps and bumps but basically I think I look good. Normally I would just brush it off, because Panamanians tend to notice whether you gain or lose an 1/8th of a pound....and tell you about it. So basically I have learned not to listen. However, today it rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe because she said it as I was offering her some of my gold fish crackers or because I have been feeling fatter and have been going through a leggings/dresses/flip flops phase. Though I adamantly blame the weather.....because when it gets too hot to think and I'm pretty much feel like all clothes are evil and too tight and only feel OK when I'm in A) an air conditioned environment or B) fresh out of the shower, in my underwear and in front of the fan drinking ice water. Anyway, I figured might as well post it and get it off my mind. So here are some positive images of CURVY women.


roasted chicpeas....

So it's a lazy Sunday and I'm baking away and preparing food for my work week. While waiting for my healthy whole wheat empanadas to come out of the oven I was browsing ideas for healthy cooking when I see this image above. As I had just finished boiling some chickpeas, I thought I have got to try! So easy and so tasty! Please see here for original recipe and other ideas for healthy snacks! YAY!


image of the day

such a sweet picture! Via Sloan Photography


why are little kids so cute?



il bel far niente....

The beauty of doing nothing....well though it can be quite rejuvenating doing basically "nothing" for a couple days it can also get old. A busy girl like me, likes to keep...well...you know...busy. So after a few days of lazying around in pajamas, eating beef jerky and drinking tea while watching old episodes of Ugly Betty. I've had just about enough. At least for tonight anyway. So I have decided to do something really important with my time and make a polyvore!
il bel far niente

HAHA! Ok, well no more goofing off. Time to do some real work. I'm not complaining really what's left for me to do is my favorite part of being a designer, and that is making beautiful artwork! So I'm off to do some research for prints before I sit down and sketch out these bad boys. TTFN!


hammock time & Happy Monday!

Hi all! No, I haven't disappeared I've just been uber busy. I started a new job and also started assistant professing at the University of Panama in the new Fashion degree. So I am still adjusting and trying to organize my time. I have so many new things to share but I should be tucking myself into bed about now...sooo I'll keep it brief. Here are a couple pictures of a recent trip to Chiriqui to visit my auntie, where we visited her farm. Relax and Happy Monday!


foodie friday: homemade nutella? yes please!

So I definitely need a food processor to make my own homemade nutella...that's my new goal...


my style: out for indian food feast!

I've been meaning to share more about my personal style here for ages! But I still need to buy a tripod and snap pictures before work! Anyways. Here is something a I wore for a night out for Indian food with my cousin and my BF. I really felt like wearing something new....so I decided to wear a strapless white dress I have and wear it as a skirt. I like how it looks and it was perfectly comfy for a Friday night out!


quote of the day + happy weekend

A friend sent me this quote through instant messenger just as I sat myself down to my computer after making my cafe latte yesterday. Funny how messages like this sometimes come to us at the most appropriate times. Thanks Nedy for sharing with me. Now I'll share with you!

"I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together."
Marilyn Monroe

Its a good message. We need to have faith that things will always get better and that sometimes their is a lesson to be learned....

So what are you plans this weekend? I'm just waiting for the floor to dry after some mopping...then off to laundry land! HAHA I am going to do some more weaving and get ready for a sale this coming week! I also want to make more empanadas! I'll share recipe/photos soon :D.
Happy Weekend!


champagne sparkle

champagne sparkle

champagne sparkle by Lalipourie
Created for the Rachel Bilson and Magnum ice cream Polyvore contest!



a little more travel chic

preparing myself for future travel chic adventures! Here is some essential travel chic inspiration! Also check out my travel chic pinboard for more yummies!

clockwise from
jessica alba, purple slip-ons, madwell outfit, anthropologie giraffe scarf, around the globe, cross body bag (ae), stokholm street style, bear creek weekender, sparring partner pant, train photo, checked toms, breezy hat in tan, silk top, cinch waist parka in olive, flower zip pouch, cotton shirt dress

PS: do check out this little his/her what to pack for traveling for 6 months around the world turtorial on Mr. & Mrs. Globe Trot! Julia has quite mastered the carefree (but chic!) travel style that I truly admire. Be warned though her and cutie husband's blog is so amazing you may get sucked in for a few hours....



kitty in a box/Happy Weekend!

Oh goodness this kitty is too darn cute! I want to touch it and squeeze it so cute! Check out I am Maru! Happy Weekend! I'm getting a facial tomorrow and might go dancing with the girls! So I look forward to getting spiffy! Besides that I have lots of cleaning, washing and designing to do! What are your plans?


a happy little picnic

So a few weeks ago I met up with a sweet friend of mine from college who just moved to Panama for the Peace Corp! We decided to get together for a picnic and it was lots-o-fun! We laughed and enjoyed some delicious sunshine all the while munching on some fabulous snacks....take a peak at our day! Do you LOVE picnics? What do you bring to your picnics?

arrival at parque omar and ready to set-up our picnic!

nom nom....my friends brought some british digestive crackers (sounds weird but pretty tasty) and ginger snaps! They also brought some wine and we got creative making a sort of cheap kids version of ghetto sangria that is not too shabby. Just mix up some boxed red wine, coke and orange juice and you got yourself quite the classy drink! I brought some homemade savory veggie muffins-stuffed with ham and cheese, sliced pineapple, healthy chicken nuggets (crusted with oatmeal, almonds, & garbanzo flour!) and some more cookies!

Erica and Eric enjoying our fine fare! Please note my fabulous picnic basket I purchased during my new year's trip to el valle!
Laurie and Freddy
pictures above from Eric's flickr!
Friends enjoying a snack as we chat and enjoy the sunshine! Here's a close-up of some of the treats I brought back from Guatemala! They orangy thing is butternut squash and milk candy, the circular disks are almond candy and the little basket has pepita and milk candy!


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