kitty in a box/Happy Weekend!

Oh goodness this kitty is too darn cute! I want to touch it and squeeze it so cute! Check out I am Maru! Happy Weekend! I'm getting a facial tomorrow and might go dancing with the girls! So I look forward to getting spiffy! Besides that I have lots of cleaning, washing and designing to do! What are your plans?


Kathy said...

this cat seriously makes me laugh until I cry. His face is so funny. lordy.

supergirl said...

whoops, its laura. not my mom.

Lalipourie said...

haha the lordy gave you away! hahaha seriously laughing hysterically while i watch this guys cat videos!

Anonymous said...


Transport Bulgaria said...

I love cats and I think this one is hilarious. I remember seeing this video a couple of months ago (I guess) and I remember laughing so hard. I had the exact reaction today. Thanks for sharing.


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