Lali's Looks #2

Lali Look #2 item is this black & white woven wire with multi-colored seed bead necklace! This necklace could definitely be worn with just about anything! Most of you probably have similar basic things that could be worn with this necklace. Here are a few looks I put together to give you some ideas.

dinner date:
woven telephone wire chain necklace, Lalipourie for $25.99
dress, delia's for $34.50
sandals, Aldo for $15.98
bag, delia's for $34.50

woven telephone wire chain necklace, Lalipourie for $25.99
top, Wet Seal e for $6.90
skirt, New Look for £14.00
heels, Go Jane for $29.40

woven telephone wire chain necklace, Lalipourie for $25.99
swim suit, Top Shop for £28
short, delia's $24.50
shirt, Charlotte Russe for $20
sandals, delia's for $33.50

Happy Friday!

so pretty, originally uploaded by lalipourie.

Yep another week gone by! No definite plans this weekend. Perhaps going out tonight, fabric shopping tomorrow, chilling out at home and maybe a trip to the beach? Have a good weekend everyone!


Blog-About #3

Drew Barrymore looking very very pretty
pair up for good health
elephant fabric! Lovin' it!
thought of the day involving chocolate
don't smoke it's gross but this image is cool
these sandals are really cute, also here
nice street looks!
10 worst pick-up lines
just lovely lovely
food stuff:
mouth is watering looking at this thing...gah!
someone make me this pleeeeese! DROOL!
mmmmmmmm Design*Sponge in the kitchen
adorable play house!
Color Palette Generator could come in real handy-tutorial here
totally digging these handmade shoes and moccacins
getaway look!
Tec & Chealsea's wedding was my favorite of the fabulous photography by Jose Villa
bob chair is so cute and cozy
Don't forget to check out my store! And new Lali's Looks #1


Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Last night I finally got to see Vicky Cristina Barcelona. An interesting storey of love and passion. And I really enjoyed it! There were so many beautiful scenes in the movie it made me wanna go to Spain again! Sipping wine and having a lovely lunch outside in the shade! Bike rides down to picnic spots. Taking pictures in the Gothic area...Le sigh...Also loved the music! Very pretty. The light and airy costumes worked so well for the movie.

I was reminded when I went backpacking through Europe in 2005. Sheesh it's really been that long. One of my favorite things I remember about Barcelona was the amazing falafel place (called Maos?). Good lord...I'd go back just for that!


Lali's Looks #1

In order to shamelessly self-promote I will be putting together super budget-friendly looks along with lovely Lalipourie items from my shop! This week's Lali Look item is Lalipourie lacey woven hoop earrings. Versatile earrings can be worn up, down or in the office!

office look: $112.96
hoop earrings, Lalipourie for $11.99
blouse, modcloth for $39.99
skirt, Charlotte Russe for $22.99
cardigan, Buckle for $25
shoes, fly jane for $12.99

weekend look: $110.97
hoop earrings, Lalipourie for $11.99
blouse, Modcloth for $32.99
jean short, Holister for $38
sandals, Modcloth for $27.99

party look: $75.28
hoop earrings, Lalipourie for $11.99
dress, Forever 21 for $19.80
clutch, Target for $16.99
Shoes, Wetseal for $26.50


Lalipourie is BACK!

Please check back often as I add more items to my store. All my jewelry is eco-friendly and handmade entirely by me!

Want more information about me and my designs? Check here, or here!

Obession: Electric Blue

My new obsession lately are eye-catching electric blue clothes! So pretty. In my set above I have an outfit I'd actually wear and below are more fabulous electric blue stuff!


tandem adventure!

Hilarious tandem ride with 4 good friends on the Causeway a couple weekends ago. At first it was just lovely! Then it started pouring rain and we all got soaked! It was probably the funniest thing to see us screaming and giggling through a rainstorm on this thing. It was def a fun afternoon ride and pretty hard work!

good morning!

Tossing and turning_______________________________________adrienne
heartless in focus & more kitty
floaty nightgown
still sleepy on my Monday morning....


California Dreaming.....

soooo pretty....photo by Amanda Friedman saw it first in this lovely collection of summer images

PS: Ahhhh San Francisco papercut! Yes, it is the place.....
PSS: sexy summer pics

Megan Park

Loving Aussie designer Megan Park's bohemian spring/summer 2009 looks! So gorgeous!

Happy Friday and Blog-About #2

_DSC0154 - Spinning Toddler
HAPPY FRIDAY! This weekend my lovely friend Jenny is going back to California! We're going to miss you! Well so tonight we are going to check out Casco Viejo and go to an special artist event at a lovely store called Galleria Vida (which I'll blog about latter). Then we're going on an adventure which I'm sure will involve dancing and hopefully sangria! Have a great weekend!

Blog-About #2:
absolutely delicious photos from Pretty Good (love how she incorporates her writing on the photos! Def wanna try this!
I want these chairs
natural dye list

bicycle date anyone? how cute is this?
a look into the past.......
ok wedding things:
I'm just adoring these wedding pictures! hurrah for bikes (love her short dress! CUTE)
Beautiful wedding pictures!
Jo's fabulous wedding hair!

been a long time admirer of Sarahseven but this Eco Wedding Gown photos from E-zine Utterly Engaged is amazing! so pretty!
I heart this wedding too!
ok, ok...it's not that I'm looking up these wedding ideas...I just keep coming across them! I can blame my best friend's engagement I guess! LOL BUT OMG is this wedding cute! Perfect!
anyway...back to summer! I think I may need this swimsuit!
totally digging An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth...beautiful and basically this blog Miss Modular is awesome


cute summer look

1. Like Lace Earrings, Cheery by Orange Slice, $39
2. Gaia Sandal, Toast, £38
3. Maridadi Dress, on My Asho, £57 (totally digging wax prints!)
4. Josh Jakus UM shoulder bag, Nimli, $135 (first saw bags by like this in the Green Festival SF 2 years ago and thought it was totally nifty)

PS: more wax printed fabric dresses!


my bag

Remember when I posted about this bag? I said I liked it and was inspired??? Well whatever...I made my own bag shortly after using my telephone wire techniques and remnants of boardshort fabric from work at OP. I think it's cute if I say so myself...only thing I'd change would be to make the handles much bigger.

El Valle & beach at night

Last weekend I went to El Valle de Anton with some friends (2 of them friends visiting from California) for the day. It's only a couple hours from the city but it's so pretty and green.

First stop was the walk to see the Piedra Pintada or painted rock or petroglyph

the rock markings are supposed to be a map I think...it was sooo cool under the trees

a little farther up the path was this lovely little waterfall just begging me to take a dip...unfortunately I'd left the swim suit in the car. Gar.

I did dip my feet and later had a yummy fish with rice with beans and noodle salad for lunch!

Hippies outside the hot springs selling nifty rompe cabezas or puzzle games out of things found from nature. The one picture in his hand is a little turtle made from gourd with plastic representing/reminding us not to throw away garbage especially on the beach (turtles mistake them for jelly fish and often die). Anyway the Aguas Termales or hot springs is highly recommended! Costs $1 and includes mud mask! So relaxing. I think a nap afterward is required.

Despite being pretty tired I was able to go to the beach that night with some crazy friends I have here. Very typical Panamanian style of smooshing 8 people into the car. Despite being eaten alive by bugs it was a lovely night. Especially swimming in the water. Unfortunately it was cloudy so nope no star gazing. I think it was around 4:30 am when we finally left. Yes, those are my feet warming up by the fire! Only thing missing were s'more fixin's'!
*The images are for your personal use only and I retain the copyright. Thank you :D


After a few weeks of lazyness I finally went jogging again last night after work. It was breezy and I could smell jasmine. Reminded me of Hawaii. Note to self: be less lazy.

who doesn't love cute Panda stuff?

LOOK! thanks to a lovely reader commented on this with this link of HK Panda Bag...so cute!


cute summery bicycle fashion

from my flickr faves

Quote of the Day

You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams -Dr. Seuss ♥ ♥ ♥
Isn't that the sweetest thing?


Panama Graffiti

So there's some graffiti on my apt building and I saw it had website. Sorta interesting....see art here


BAG Project

So a few months back my professor, Ann Savageau from UC Davis contacted me about a great project she is doing. The BAG (Bags Across the Globe) project is an international exchange of recycled tote bags as a way to send a message about reducing the use of plastic shopping bags. The "BAG is more about an exchange of energy and information than about an exchange of objects: the bags serve/function as messengers/vehicles for this exchange. It will encourage other people to take up this effort and create their own bags out of local waste materials, and to share them with others. " After waiting 3 months for the bags to arrive in the mail I finally got to see the lovely works of art they are! One bag was made from a recyled banner and the other was made from recycled interior design samples and feature recycled tags. See more info here. She sent me two so that I could give one away to another friend! I gave on to another designer from Colombia and told her about the project. I'm also going to give the one I was going to keep for myself to my coworker since she liked it so much and I already have so many tote bags at home. Though I must admit I'm having second thoughts! But if I can spread the message I suppose it's worth the loss!

A college girl friend from UCD happens to be here visiting me so I took to her on a walking tour of
Avenida Central, a busy main street here in PTY for great cheap bargains and street food (such as aqua de pipa or coconut water and momon chino or rambutan). Then we wondered all the way to Casco Viejo for some more strolling in and out of cute shops and taking lots of pictures which I will post about another time.
*The images are for your personal use only and I retain the copyright. Thank you :D


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