New Year´s Party Inspiration!

Here are some ideas for New Year´s Party!
cute outfit to bring in the New Year complete with hair style and make-up!

pretty decoration ideas for streamers here and champagne with grapes here!

And check out this remix of 25 pop songs from 2009! Cool huh? Great song to remember 2009, welcome 2010 and boogie-down! Thanks Jenny for sharing!


Lalipourie Design's Photoshoot!

Some of my favorite images from the photoshoot! Clothing and accessories by Lalipourie Designs aka me! If you have any questions about the designs feel free to contact me. Other designs are available in my shop! All photos were taken in my neighborhood and in Dolce Coffee House (remember the cute cookie guy place?) by Levi Walton. See the rest of the images here.

I'm off today to Chiriqui this afternoon until after New Years! Take care and have a great holiday!
these pictures are for your personal use only and I maintain the copywrite. Thank you.

PS: become a fan of Lalipourie Designs here!
*these pictures are for your personal use only and I maintain the copywrite. Thank you.


Blog-About #14 + last minute stocking stuffer ideas

stocking stuffers

Last minute handmade stocking stuffers....great for your girlfriend who loves gossiping over hot tea and all things cute!
(orange & dark chocolate with cardamon $8 by lemonbird, emery pin cushion $19 by dottyral, sweet apple pie fruit tea $10 by notjusttea, the taw in cadet blue $25 by piksipiksi, Woven Telephone Wire Cuff Bracelet $9.99 by Lalipourie, grey to pink slippers $25 by akelelila, pocket edward bodyguard $35 by MissMiki, lighthearted winter bear sofie $25 by maiseyhandmade, light tan sparkle eyeshadow mineral make-up $4.25 by PUREnaturalminerals)

Blog about #14:
-check out cute pictures of people's pets on their furniture!
-holiday wimsy
-free adorable gift tags
-I think these paper ornaments are cute
-absolutely love these holiday decoration ideas! Just beautiful!
-this looks really yummy
-great snow pictures
-inspiring article of crafters living the dream

out and about...

Some images of my December:
Chrismakah lunchChristmas Tree @ workPanama City @ NightJazz NightChristmas decoration in the park in Via Argentinalady walking her cats!me in new earrings and scarf
click on images for more details
*these pictures are for your personal use only and I maintain the copywrite. Thank you.


Mexico's Next Top Model Inspiration

While watching Mexico's Next Top Model on TV here in Panama I was totally inspired by the beautiful Frida Kahlo inspired photoshoot. Just beautiful and I love the way the necklaces are just piled on! And the amazingly pretty hair dos with flowers and giant gold earrings. Wow!

PS: Next week I'll debut my own photoshoot pictures!

Highlights of vacation back home...

So I know it's long over do...but here are my pictures from my vacation (in September) back home in sunny California. Just some of the highlights!



I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas....

Hope you all have a nice snuggly warm Holiday! Listen to my personal favorite Christmas song!

(from top right to left: I see you!, powder pink and pearlshine, christmas cookies, :) (rat picture), Piparitalo. Gingerbread House., white sweater, christmas cookies, wire, Binky, I Like Cocoa With My Whip, Snow in the Chilterns, I'm waiting for you, guys! It's still snowing, Blue Christmas, Cerulean Tolerates Wearing a Necklace for Me, Turned Around, Ice on my windshield...



Just in time for the holidays! New in Lalipourie etsy shop!

Buy Handmade



Dear Santa....

Dear Santa
Dear Santa by Lalipourie featuring Juicy Couture accessories

My personal Christmas wish list...mostly under $50! Hurrah! Go to Polyvore for direct links and information about items! And remember when in doubt you can always just buy me chocolate!

PS: Just to let you know I'm taking next week off. So take care! I'll be back with lots of ideas and hopefully all my edited photoshoot pictures!



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