Cute Coffee Shop

On Wednesday I went to have dinner with Mei, my best friend here in Panama. I don't remember the name but its on Via Argentina near Subway...I call it the "cute guy cookie place" because one evening on my walk home it started to rain cats and dogs...hoping I could wait it out I went in to get a cookie a coffee. Both were excellent and the guy who works there is cute too! hehe so I have been trying to get her to come with me. And what a success! Mei just loved the place and we've decided we have to go back for breakfast. The food is good! I got cream of mushroom soup and apple struddle. Mei got a ham & cheese sandwich, hot chocolate (basically hot chocolate bliss...) and a PB chocolate cookie. While we waited we looked around and browsed their book collection since they have a sweet book exchange including some books on tape. Sadly, neither of us brought our camaras bought but Mei had her cellie and we got some shots of the soup and me enjoying it! hehelove that her finger showed up in this one haha
*note carrot in shape of a heart!!!!!!!


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