Obsession: moccasins

I was at Multiplaza on Sunday, the fancy mall here in Panama with all the big labels stores. While in Zara I fell in love with a beautiful gray coat and some really cute moccasins...I sadly didn't buy them but will check back to see if they go on sale! When I was little I thought they were dorky but a couple years back Urban Outfitters had these really cute colorful painted moccasins and I fantasized about buying them and searched all over for a more affordable options. One day when I went to Macy's with my sister I found a lovely pair of avocado green Steve Madden moccasins. Actually, check their site too b/c they have several moccasin inspired pairs. Well, my green moccasins were on super sale so I just had to get them and I still love them. They don't have have flowers painted on them and it never occurred to me to do some myself but I love them just the same. So anyway seeing the moccasins in Zara reminded me of my obsession.

I had a lot of fun making this collage! Click on it to see each pair better and links to their sites! And found really great examples of moccasins in all its forms...kinda drooling over the Free People fringed flip flops...

Why do I love moccasins so much? could it be the suede, the fringe, the tassels, the sometimes fuzzy interior?...well, yes I love all these things about them! Plus I have always been a fan of comfy shoes (only in the last couple years have even started wearing heels-mostly kitten variety). I can't stand being uncomfortable and usually go for something practical like a slip on, clog or sandal...tend to stay away from buckles and laces...or anything that involves socks....maybe I am just lazy Also found these beautiful custom made moccasins on Etsy! I really love these! Not bad at $46!!!! And purple.
Hand Made Inca Boot Moccasin
by Buckaroo Leather


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