My Fabulous Home...

Here are some random, ideas and nifty things I would
love to include in my future/imaginary home!cool living room
by Wary Meyers
(love crazy pillows)
Vintage Door Coffee Table, $368
by j crabbit
(I like this idea...though I could probably make my own....)
Bird & Animals, wood cutout, $119
by Bride &Wolfe

Orange & Yellow Flower Lamp, $40
by Mariposa Avenue
Little Sparrows, $38
by Yumiyumi
(This is reserved but I just think this print is lovely....)
Orange Blooming Blossom Rectangle Pillow, $28
by Joom
In honor of my kitty Darjeeling:
Dashing Darjeeling Dishware, $39.50
at Delight.com
Bunnies Adrift
by Argyle Whale (was $11.50)
(I just think this is adorable...)
Lemon Lime Mandala Record Bowl, $58
by EyePopArt
Plate Wall
by Lisa Cogden
(I love this idea! I will need to start collecting funky plates...)
Cream Lucky Happiness Cat, £9.99
by The Japanese Shop
(must have happiness kitty)



Laura said...

I seriously have a ton of nifty interior design magazines for you to browse. Check out dominomag.com and also look at Apartment Therapy (if you haven't already). Its similar to design sponge!

Lalipourie said...


J.Crabbit said...

Yes you could make your own. its even more fun if you have a door that you know the history of. that way it comes with a story!

Lalipourie said...

yeah actually I probably wouldn't make my own too lazy...lol but I love this idea!


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