DMP 2008-day 2

I lucked out yesterday and scored free tickets to the rest of Dias de Moda Panama! I was so excited and even ran into my fashion buddies from the first day who scored me a great seat. I did come late (so missed 4 designers) and it was uber hot and sweaty inside since there was electricity problems. But I still had fun and hopefully will get some pictures from the other gals (since I didn't have time to run home to change or get the camera). I did catch Pineda Covalin from Mexico, however, and was totally impressed! Here are some pics I found on Google. But check her website here too!

Tonight is the last night and I am decked out in Lalipourie Designs! Gotta represent right? Anyway got a good start and sold some of my jewelry to my coworker who like my telephone wire coiled bangles! Made by day! Have a good weekend!


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