Here are some of my favorite DIY and before and afters projects from D*S blog. So clever makes me want to search the streets for thrown away furniture that I could turn into my own fabulous creations! My mom is at fault for starting me on this obsession with cool old stuff. Since a little girl my parents took me and my big sis to flea markets and garage sales looking for stuff "we don't need." She has collected chairs and lots of them. We did re-do a cool sewing machine table and folding chair about 3 years ago. It was a lot less fun then I had hoped, it was tiring and I am not the best painter but it came out cute anyway. I painted it in green tea color and also painted some Ikea boxes to match. We also redid a really old dress form my mom found at a thrift store for about $5. We covered it with heather gray jersey and painted the stand purple! I miss both but they had to stay home and could not come with me to Panama. I will try to rustle up some pictures to share...
Elizabeth's Telephone Table Make-over
check here for before and more details
I really love this and know my mom would flip.
magazine catch-all self
I also think this is uber handy and clever!cabinetHilda's chair

Jane's patchwork chair
I just think this is so snazzy! I love it and will have to do something inspired by this one day! Check out the detail below!


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