Starting my day by researching ideas for surf style juniors clothing for work & of course always end up going on a crazy roller coaster of clicking links and switching b/w 10 tabs of different sites trying to absorb all the ideas at once...came across cool project by Quicksilver called Site LA. A place where they are hosting 6 young women with different projects from vintage clothing business, music, art and bicycling safely in LA! I think this is awesome! And residents have a year of sponsorship and support from Quicksilver...I would like to know how one becomes a resident...And will check back to see what else is new. They seem to have regular events so check if you are close to LA. Resident, Beth Jones, has a site and vintage clothing business called The Vintage Society. I especially think her inspiration tab is cool and had some great ideas in her blog.From there...I also saw some pics from Le Blog de Betty, which I have seen on other blogs...some pretty French girl and her fabulous outfits! Dreaming of moving to Paris and living my days in fabulous French clothes and eating yummy pastries...Orangina...sigh...I love the pictures the most and you can she pics of her outfits here. I could probably waste a lot of time looking here..Also checked out Print & Pattern blog...and liked these. Reminds me of designs often found on La Pollera, the national folk dress of Panama, which I love. Here's some sorta of ok info on the dress. My final collection and last year and 1/2 of college were spent researching it learning it's origins, design techniques and symbolism. Also collaborated (with Tasha Lewis, Cornell) on an article for an Encyclopedia of World Dress for Bergs Publishers should come out in 2010 or 2011...so I will let you know lol. You can see my senior collection here....anyway these are by Rose Hip Cards from the UK...I need to explore their site too :P

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