kitty time!

I seriously miss my kitties...I miss just having them around. Lazying about the house, rolling on the floor and keeping you warm on cool nights. My sister once made a photo album of just pictures of our kitties and even managed to get some shots of our super-cute-tiny-but-really-scary-grumpy-Siamese-kitty-Diana in various poses with necklaces and in my moms doll chairs. We'd be in hysterics as the poor thing would sit twitching her tail in fury, obviously just wanting to be left alone for some much needed beauty sleep and sunbathing. It's good to know there are other loonies out there who are obsessed with their own cute cuddly kitty friends.

Meet Maruko, from Kin Ming Ho's flickr (there are 409 pictures of just this cat! HOLY COW!) This cat is seriously pretty and a great model...sometimes a cat's life looks so appealing

PS: also 17 things worth knowing about you cat

PPS: 10,101 pictures of cat bellies.......on Cat Belly Lovers...hahahahahaha crazy and and see my own fuzaroos snuggling together

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