Blog-About #12 in pictures!

Being such a visual person...I decided maybe I should make my Blog-About with pictures this week....I've been busy busy busy getting my designs ready for the photoshoot! My roomie is going to model for me and we're starting to get really excited. I'm sorta worried a little because I'm so pale right now and I don't wanna look icky in the pictures....she just went to the beach and looks lovely though! Either way the shoot is scheduled for Sunday and I have to finish up the last few things. I tend to work on several things at once...so I'm partially done with a blouse, necklace and clutch purse...Wish me luck!

Enjoy some of this weeks finds:

pictures of interesting people and their creative spaces on The Selby...I liked that these people also like kitties!

1) I love that this reusable bambu spork looks like a haircomb! I think I could use one of these hand eating tools. From Kir De Vries 2) I would love to check out Amy Karol's (aka) Angry Chicken) book Bend the Rules with Fabric

wow! Amazing Portland shop, The Meadow, with these strange Himalayan Salt Blocks (used for cooking/serving food while giving salty taste to food) made from 500 million year old salt boulders from Pakistan! They also have other interesting things like bacon chocolate...which sounds kind good but for some reason gives me the giggles.......

check out amazing food blog 101 cookbooks....I'm getting overwhelmed by the amazing things I'm seeing!

loving these one of a kind necklaces made with vintage pieces from FreePeople

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