El Valle & beach at night

Last weekend I went to El Valle de Anton with some friends (2 of them friends visiting from California) for the day. It's only a couple hours from the city but it's so pretty and green.

First stop was the walk to see the Piedra Pintada or painted rock or petroglyph

the rock markings are supposed to be a map I think...it was sooo cool under the trees

a little farther up the path was this lovely little waterfall just begging me to take a dip...unfortunately I'd left the swim suit in the car. Gar.

I did dip my feet and later had a yummy fish with rice with beans and noodle salad for lunch!

Hippies outside the hot springs selling nifty rompe cabezas or puzzle games out of things found from nature. The one picture in his hand is a little turtle made from gourd with plastic representing/reminding us not to throw away garbage especially on the beach (turtles mistake them for jelly fish and often die). Anyway the Aguas Termales or hot springs is highly recommended! Costs $1 and includes mud mask! So relaxing. I think a nap afterward is required.

Despite being pretty tired I was able to go to the beach that night with some crazy friends I have here. Very typical Panamanian style of smooshing 8 people into the car. Despite being eaten alive by bugs it was a lovely night. Especially swimming in the water. Unfortunately it was cloudy so nope no star gazing. I think it was around 4:30 am when we finally left. Yes, those are my feet warming up by the fire! Only thing missing were s'more fixin's'!
*The images are for your personal use only and I retain the copyright. Thank you :D

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