BAG Project

So a few months back my professor, Ann Savageau from UC Davis contacted me about a great project she is doing. The BAG (Bags Across the Globe) project is an international exchange of recycled tote bags as a way to send a message about reducing the use of plastic shopping bags. The "BAG is more about an exchange of energy and information than about an exchange of objects: the bags serve/function as messengers/vehicles for this exchange. It will encourage other people to take up this effort and create their own bags out of local waste materials, and to share them with others. " After waiting 3 months for the bags to arrive in the mail I finally got to see the lovely works of art they are! One bag was made from a recyled banner and the other was made from recycled interior design samples and feature recycled tags. See more info here. She sent me two so that I could give one away to another friend! I gave on to another designer from Colombia and told her about the project. I'm also going to give the one I was going to keep for myself to my coworker since she liked it so much and I already have so many tote bags at home. Though I must admit I'm having second thoughts! But if I can spread the message I suppose it's worth the loss!

A college girl friend from UCD happens to be here visiting me so I took to her on a walking tour of
Avenida Central, a busy main street here in PTY for great cheap bargains and street food (such as aqua de pipa or coconut water and momon chino or rambutan). Then we wondered all the way to Casco Viejo for some more strolling in and out of cute shops and taking lots of pictures which I will post about another time.
*The images are for your personal use only and I retain the copyright. Thank you :D

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