Happy Friday and Blog-About #2

_DSC0154 - Spinning Toddler
HAPPY FRIDAY! This weekend my lovely friend Jenny is going back to California! We're going to miss you! Well so tonight we are going to check out Casco Viejo and go to an special artist event at a lovely store called Galleria Vida (which I'll blog about latter). Then we're going on an adventure which I'm sure will involve dancing and hopefully sangria! Have a great weekend!

Blog-About #2:
absolutely delicious photos from Pretty Good (love how she incorporates her writing on the photos! Def wanna try this!
I want these chairs
natural dye list

bicycle date anyone? how cute is this?
a look into the past.......
ok wedding things:
I'm just adoring these wedding pictures! hurrah for bikes (love her short dress! CUTE)
Beautiful wedding pictures!
Jo's fabulous wedding hair!

been a long time admirer of Sarahseven but this Eco Wedding Gown photos from E-zine Utterly Engaged is amazing! so pretty!
I heart this wedding too!
ok, ok...it's not that I'm looking up these wedding ideas...I just keep coming across them! I can blame my best friend's engagement I guess! LOL BUT OMG is this wedding cute! Perfect!
anyway...back to summer! I think I may need this swimsuit!
totally digging An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth...beautiful and basically this blog Miss Modular is awesome


Dottie said...

Thanks :) Love all the links.

Lalipourie said...

your welcome! Especially bike date hehe


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