Blog-About #3

Drew Barrymore looking very very pretty
pair up for good health
elephant fabric! Lovin' it!
thought of the day involving chocolate
don't smoke it's gross but this image is cool
these sandals are really cute, also here
nice street looks!
10 worst pick-up lines
just lovely lovely
food stuff:
mouth is watering looking at this thing...gah!
someone make me this pleeeeese! DROOL!
mmmmmmmm Design*Sponge in the kitchen
adorable play house!
Color Palette Generator could come in real handy-tutorial here
totally digging these handmade shoes and moccacins
getaway look!
Tec & Chealsea's wedding was my favorite of the fabulous photography by Jose Villa
bob chair is so cute and cozy
Don't forget to check out my store! And new Lali's Looks #1

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