il bel far niente....

The beauty of doing nothing....well though it can be quite rejuvenating doing basically "nothing" for a couple days it can also get old. A busy girl like me, likes to keep...well...you know...busy. So after a few days of lazying around in pajamas, eating beef jerky and drinking tea while watching old episodes of Ugly Betty. I've had just about enough. At least for tonight anyway. So I have decided to do something really important with my time and make a polyvore!
il bel far niente

HAHA! Ok, well no more goofing off. Time to do some real work. I'm not complaining really what's left for me to do is my favorite part of being a designer, and that is making beautiful artwork! So I'm off to do some research for prints before I sit down and sketch out these bad boys. TTFN!

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