another adventure in PTY!

Hi lovely readers! Today I'm going to share some fabulous pictures from my New Year weekend in the mountain town called El Valle! I shared a lovely weekend get-away with 8 other friends in a sweet little purple house over looking lush forest and a bubbling brook! Just getting to the place was adventure and involved a good long wait in line for the bus, then piling into the back of a truck & up a walking up spooky path in the pitch black to get there! But it was all in good company and we brought in the new year with dip & chips, tuna salad, spaghetti, and lots of wine! Before nodding off we also had some s'mores!

The next morning we got up bright and early for a huge bacon, pancake, eggs and mexican hot cocoa breakfast! Then we walked to town! Which by the way is very very far by foot! LOL we were very tired, but then we met up with the rest of our party and browsed the market! I got a fabulous basket and some nifty jade & pearl earring (to be posted latter).

We also walked all the way to see the petroglyphs and a quick dip in the waterfall. After ducking out in a tiny store because of the pouring rain we got a taxi back to the house. We all pitched in to make an awesome taco dinner and finished off with some marshmallow roasting! MMMM my Panamanian friends enjoyed learning about this gringo tradition.

Sunday again bright and early! We headed straight to our canopy tour!


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