My mood board for my pollera inspired collection from 2007.
Ok a little bit of self promotion and praise! In 2006 I wrote an article in collaboration with a Cornell graduate Textiles student, Tasha Lewis, on the National Dress of Panama called La Pollera for the Berg's Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion! Not only was this project very near and dear to my heart, but it was a huge huge learning experience. At times it was intense to work on while also being a full time student and working a part time job, but it was such an enormous opportunity! It also helped having such a wonderful and fun to work with collaborator! We would spend hours not only talking about our article but also reminiscing about Panama. It was a wonderful experience overall!

To get to the point, I just found out the encyclopedia and Fashion Library been awarded a Darthmouth Medal for outstanding reference! It's all very exciting!

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