a new year calls for new undies!

Random fact: Panamanians buy yellow underwear for good luck on New Years.

So my good friend Mei Lin informed me of this tradition a few years back and I've searched vigorously each year for yellow undies to start my year off right. But considering this tradition it's extremely hard to find yellow underwear! This year I sort of forgot but even a week after new years I was looking!!! Eventually I went into this nifty store called Women's Secret that has adorable underwear, pajamas and accessories. So there was a sale! So I got a few pairs...they aren't exactly yellow but they were too cute and the prints seemed sort of like New Year resolution themed!

So this may seem strange....me sharing my underwear on the internet and all, but I haven't even used them yet! I just think the prints on them are so charming!

see the two travel themed panties, a healthy eating pair and the animal one well we can say it is for making diverse friends in 2011!

My goals for the 2011:

BE happy, creative, great full and loving everyday
EAT healthy but still treat myself from time to time but save treats for the good stuff like chocolate croissants
EXERCISE everyday even if I just have a few minutes
LAUGH more often
CONNECT with more people and old friends, try to make new connections, network
BUILD up my work portfolio, get those buzzing ideas out on to paper or into 3D form or up on here!
SEE more places and EXPLORE (first stop Guatemala...stay tuned...)
LIVE and be content....and get a hair cut :D

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