it's that time again...

...where I start obsessing about my hair. See I've almost always had short to medium length hair and about a year or so ago I decided to try growing it out long. I figured might as well see what it looks like and then I could donate my hair. I personally feel like my hair is super long right now and all I want to do it HACK it all off. It's hot in Panama and it takes a long time for it to dry. I'm lazy and hate combing out the knots. Sooooooo I think I am going to try a new look! YAY!

hair evolution since January of 2009 the last time I cut my hair short. What do you think? I mean I like my hair long too. I think it looks nice down, but I tend to always tie it up because it gets in the way and it's hot here. So maybe short would be good...
Here's what I'm going for....


supposedly what my hair will look like on me!

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