PICS: DMP, Juanes, etc

Finally got around to uploading my pictures! yay! So here are some of the highlights of my experience at the fashion week here in Panama. Check the official site for good runway shots.
Here I am with some friends I met while buying my entrance ticket. These girls (+ one more) were my fashion buddies for the three days! Thanks so much! I love this swimsuit! Lovely dress (one of many) by Lisa Thon-I just drool over everything she presented, love her stuff
Irving Saladino, Panamanian hero for winning the gold medal for the long jump (he's cute too!)
Pic with Justine Pasek, was Miss Universe for Panama in 2003, I like her dress too
Dress by Juan David Valez, Panamanian Designer-collection was super gorgeous and glamorous must be quite something to actually wear one of these.......
Cute Kitty totes in the window of the Fox store in Albrook, they have really cute clothes-think they are from Isreal or somethingCollage of Juanes concert of colorful images of him on the big screen, I was far away but I think these pics are nifty. Click on the collage to see it better :P


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