Vacations over...

Sorry I haven't been updating! And forgot my digi camera today to upload pics at work....tomorrow I will have to make an update of my adventures back home!

Besides visiting with friends and relaxing with my family and kitties I was working on my store at Etsy! I'm almost ready to upload the pictures and begin selling! I am really excited and hope it does well. I've already have ideas on how I can expand my product...so stay tuned...I'm thinking cool telephone wire sculptures and wall hanging/mobiles?

And........I am so proud and excited that


I am so happy! I cried and did my happy dance alone in my apt! I wish I would have been home to run around and celebrate with everyone! To have a president that is intelligent, well spoken and someone I can relate to! I feel very positive about this change and am very proud to be an American. Yippy!
Anyway...got this link from How About Orange for Obama ding bats! LOL Could come in handy...Jeff Domke designed them and there completely free!

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