Navy Blue I LOVE U

Navy Blue I LOVE U by Lalipourie

Gosh I just love polyvore and putting together cute outfits...tra la la. Make one too and share with me! Sometime monochromatic color schemes can be too much with the wrong color...but I think Navy Blue is just classic and looks great all together. :D


Laura said...

Aw, the blue willow dish in the background reminds me of my parents kitchen that is now gone! Sigh. I love navy too. I actually love navy and white. It always looks clean and timeless. Anyway, its good to post about blue things because we had a blue electoral map and a new democratic president. I expect to find all kinds of awesome Obama art!

Lalipourie said...

hehe! yeah check out my etsy fav's gonna post some pretty cool and some wacky stuff I found for Obama! LOL people are just crazy for him!


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