Llama Lovin....

So when I thought of Penguins I thought of my dear friend and amazing artist Gwedolyn. Then I thought of llamas and the amazing llama art Gwen had in her house at the dinner party...I remember seeing the ad for Banana Republic somewhere (don't remember-but have had a little post-it logged somewhere in my brain that I needed to find this picture again) anyway and being in awe of the cuteness and just about fliping out when I saw a drawing of this in Gwen's house. Actually, Gwen is so fabulous that she has two versions: one done herself without the scarf and one by her friend with a scarf...It was love at first site. Just counting the days when I own my own house and can ask to make a color copy for my wall. Swoon......Something soooo damn cute about llamas huh? tee hee! Still regreting the day I did not buy the fuzzy little llama statue in SF when I was like 8... Gwen also honored me (I think) in a weired way by tagging me on facebook with a cat drawing she did of a picture I loaded of friend's cat. So random, so cute. Thanks for lifting my spirits.



Azura said...

Aaaw, Laurie you are so sweet!!

<3<3 xoxoxo!

Inoo said the cat looked like it was flying, so we decided to make it a rocket cat. :D

Lalipourie said...

hehehe! xoxoxox too! it was very cute I just had to share!

Laura said...

I think I still have the little llama statue somewhere.


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