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Eco/Green seems to be coming more mainstream with every day that passes! It's great to see the changes that have come about and I hope that with time these idea go more global. Living in Panama I can tell they are a little behind but I still notice the influence making a difference here as well. I just wish recycling would be more convenient here since most people don't do any recycling at all...granted soda at the corner shop is often sold in glass bottles which they reuse and other resources are recycled such as cans, paper etc. However, this is usually sorted after everything has been thrown together which to me doesn't make much sense. I have noticed there is an occasional pick-up for recycled stuff at a park I've seen on the Panama Social Calendar. Also you cannot buy anything without them putting it in a plastic bag and stapling the receipt to it, which is probably to avoid stealing.....Some good things I like here are that you can buy things in small amounts! Especially in the small Chinese Stores universally called "El Chino" no matter where in the country you are. It's great! Want 1 piece of gum? 1 serving of coffee? 1 slice of cheese? 1 tsp of butter? You don't get stuck with too much stuff in the pantry!

Since a kid recycling and not being wasteful were ingrained into me by my mother and my hippie elementary school (Charquin Alternative Program-in Hayward, CA). I was lucky to learn in such a free thinking environment and encourage to explore different forms of expression. One of my favorite things was center time when we were allowed to kinda do whatever...though there were also organized "centers" where parents or teachers would do some kind of project, game or lesson. Also lots of moms at Charquin were fine artists and I learned everything from paper mache to weaving. As I got older I often loved doing my own thing ie making stuff with the junk in the craft section! Anywho, I've always loved the challenge of creating things by whatever I find or whatever I can reuse...whether making telephone wire jewelry or making a hat from tiny bits of yarn left over from other kids projects that would otherwise be thrown away...so when I went to college and the buzz of sustainability was subject in just about every design class I had it wasn't a new idea for me. I was also fortunate enough to live in a cooperative community my last year at UCD at the Domes. Here I learned so much! Little things we can do to make a small difference in our world...even just using cloth bags at the grocery, composting and eating more locally.

Anyway now for the fun part! Looking on the net it's easy to see that you can find eco/green stuff just about anywhere! Here are some of my favorites things!

I would love to wear this outfit...funky not quite matching with some classic touches! YAY!
Make your Eco/Green outfit and send it to me to share!
I think I am in love...Ashley Watson
Recycled Leather HandbagsThese shoes are soooo cool! I love the idea of changing our ribbons, cords, scarfs, whateve'
Mohop walnut wedge
at The Studio
*I think this is super handy idea! That I could make myself!
re-usable produce bag
by Fabrik
*given that I already wash and re-use zip lock baggies...I would use these everyday! And look more stylish at the same time! yippy!
re-usable oil cloth snack baggies
by RickRackQueen


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