VeganYumYum Green Bean Deconstructed Casserole

Though I had already celebrated Thanksgiving in California, I must admit it was kinda sad not to do something special yesterday. However, I did get Chinese vegetarian food-hampao, chow fun, eggplant, and sushi. Not very Thanksgivingy but it was still a treat!

My big sis Miki called last night to report on her 2nd Thanksgiving dinner at our neighbors house. And mmmm sounded good...especially the mention of green bean casserole with green beans from their garden...must say I was jealous! We in my family never really ate "American" food at home. So no casseroles or that sorta thing but I do remember trying these things at neighborhood potlucks! I'm not a big casserole fan but there was always something about green bean casserole that hit the spot! And today as I was checking out some new blogs to read (before we get busy at work!) and I stumbled across VeganYumYum. Already the pics have sold me! And I think I am going to have to check this site regularly! Anywho, she has a really yummy looking recipe for a healthier version of the classic American treat! Doesn't seem hard either. But I'll probably just take the idea but make my own recipe since I am no strict vegan nor a veggie any longer.

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