My name is Laurie Harris. I am 23, born and raised in the SF Bay Area, California. I am currently living in Panama City, Panama and working as a Fashion Designer. In this blog I hope to share my ideas and inspirations: my love for design, art, travel, food, health, dance and so much more. I hope to share things I find interesting and some of my real life adventures! Come visit me often!

In my free time I work on my own business, Lalipourie Designs. Lalipourie is a combo of 2 of my nicknames: Lali as in Laurie in Hawaiian and Pourie, which rimes with Laurie! So that's it! People always ask me what it means and it's basically me! Below is a little collage of some of the events I have done with Lalipourie Designs since I moved here. On the left is an article I was featured in the local newspaper called Dia Dia! On the right is a picture of me and a loyal customer at the monthly flea market in Casco Viejo (1st Sunday of the month at Plaza Cathedral 9-4pm). And on the bottom right is a picture of a stand at a fair I did in David. I am planning to launch Lalipourie on the web selling through Etsy. So stay tuned! So if you want to know a little more about me or my work check my website out at Lalipourie.googlepages.com


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