quote of the day: blessings

Yesterday was a bad day period. There was not much I could do to make it better either. It moved at snails pace....and then thank God it was almost time to go home and crawl into bed! Oh but then it started to rain...really hard. Because in Panama, when it rains it pours. So what does little Laurie do? I put on my red raincoat and walked home in the rain...I got super wet, but I got home in one piece.

Good thing I walked because it didn't stop. And I came home to a wet bed because I left the window open...and today I waited an hour in the rain for a taxi and my shoes got wet. But I borrowed some miss-matched socks from the design department and the lady in accounting let me borrow some sandals....so here I am looking sorta like a grandma from Chinatown...which I don't think is a bad thing per se, I mean I love layering....

anyway last night I went on to Facebook to distract myself and a friend put up this quote:

"The secret of happiness is to count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles"

And it hit me....

like a brick. I've been really negative lately. I almost gave up. And I lost site of what was most important. Today is just another day and tomorrow is another one. But I'm going to try to keep that on my mind. I'm blessed. Things don't always work out but I'm going to be Ok.

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