thought of the day: grow old with me

I made this piece of artwork yesterday....if you haven't seen design is mine blog's thoughts of the day section, than you should. She shares a lot of great art and awesome sayings. I was inspired by one I saw on her blog and mixed that saying with an idea I had cooking in my mind for months. I am very happy with the come out and I think I will make more.

Basically, I started with a basic sketch and then I put it into illustrator so that I could fiddle with it more. Then I printed on recycled paper (backwards), pasted it to a magazine page that had pretty colors, then cut out the pieces and put them back together on another page...I'd also thought about using an x-acto and cutting the pieces out. That would have been nice too, but I don't have an x-acto and this way worked out too. Sorry for the bad quality of image, the scanner at my work isn't working so I took a picture this morning....Tell me what you think!

PS: have a great weekend!

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