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YAY! I finally have figured out how to make a treasury on etsy! See my chic travel essentials I made just for fun!

I am obsessed with traveling and pride myself in being a great packer! Since I was a year old my parents have taken me with them traveling and now I am totally addicted. I find myself fantasizing about trips to exotic places all the time. Imagining where I'd visit, the things I'd want to taste and even what I would wear! I often separate in my mind the clothes that "travel well" and clothes that I would leave at home. Here is a list of the criteria I generally use when packing and used for my chic travel essentials:

-be organized-being organized from the beginning means that I'm less likely to accidentally leave something behind. Simple solutions such as that nifty passport case, clutch or keeping essentials in clear zip baggies make findings things easy in a big bag.
-comfort is key-traveling can be super tiring and flying really is not the most comfortable experiences for most of us. I like to have a trusty inflatable travel pillow, and sleep mask for the plane so that I can have lots of rest and energy for site seeing. Comfort also applies to clothes and shoes! With having to spend hours sitting or conversely walking while you travel be sure to bring comfortable items to wear.
-protect yourself-against the sun and germs! I never travel without sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses and hand sanitizer! The antiseptic spray I included can be used for minor cuts, burns and bug bites too!
-entertain yourself-I have issues with sitting somewhere with nothing to do, so I usually either have some music to listen to, a book or magazine to read, notebook and pencils for sketching or a crochet project to work on while waiting at the airport. But be selective and bring only what you will use.
-pack light-airlines are constantly restricting weight allowance so it's better to only bring what you need and look for clothes with thin fabrics. Light weight fabrics also come in handy if you have to do hand washing on your trip. And most of all a little extra space in your suitcase means you can take home the awesome souvenir that you could not leave without!
-style does matter-just because you need to pack things that are comfortable and utilitarian does not mean you need to be boring! Avoid looking too much like a tourist and remember you will be taking pictures while on vacation. I suggest planing your outfits before you pack to make life a little easier. Keep in mind to bring clothes that can be easily mixed together and could be worn from day until night. Remember too that a few cute accessories can pull together a simple outfit!


modernfigurative said...

WOw great job on the treasury!! :)

Lalipourie said...

@modernfigurative thanks!!


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