Blog-About #8

Happy Friday everyone! What are your plans? I'm gonna make my bf some dinner...I'm thinking chicken, mushrooms & basil over quinoa! Sound good? Tomorrow we are off to the island of Taboga for a tropical beach adventure! Let's hope no rain. I'm in desperate need of some beach time. Here are some fun things I've seen lately! Tootles!

-take a look at this cute girl with pretty braids and her bicycle! All her clothes are thrifted/hand me down. Pretty impressive.
-I still love Video by India Arie (great message) but I'd never seen the actual music video! Yay she is so cute and has a red bicycle! Hurrah! And The Truth is one of my all time fave love songs (check out super fly living room drool drool!) And and this hair video is cute too!
-my dad emailed me this thing about the super anti cancer effects of guanabana or soursop in English. So I guess I can splurge on the occasional guanabana ice cream or yogurt. hehe
-have you seen The Ugly Truth? Really funny and lighthearted. LOVE the super smoken' little black dress in the movie!
-I wish I could always look put-together. Loving this sexy little romper pajama thing, too cute.
-if I had a spare $430 I would splurge on this super cute jacket
-mmmm figs and a Happy Friday
-ah aaaah super adorable cute wedding le sigh, must see the pics too adorable, her dress....
-waaaay too adorable kitty model...
-hehe check out this baby!


jenloveskev said...

gully is too cute! hehe thanks for posting about her! Hope your having a great day!

Lalipourie said...

YES! Reminded me of my kitties! Thanks have a great day too!


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