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Everyday is a constant struggle to not only just get out of bed with enough time to get ready for work, but also to actually workout before I start my day. I walk about 35-40 minutes each way to work daily, but I know for a fact that I should do more. I'm such a fan of the snooze button its terrible. I think the issue is that I never get to bed early. I always manage to get distracted with the internet, reading something or crafting...next thing I know its 1:30 am and I am wide awake. However, I am proud to say that THIS MORNING I woke up a little early and did some stretching exercises. I've been taking a belly dancing class since March and it would be nice to get into better shape before we have any presentations. I'll be thinking positive that I will wake up early again tomorrow.

Another thing on my recent to do list is eat healthy (trying to slim down after the roll that formed on my waistline from my last trip home). Especially for breakfast. Obviously with above mentioned issue breakfast is difficult. I absolutely have to plan ahead or I will get sucked into to buying various fried things that are sold on the street here in Panama. And I know there are no excuses because I could just as easily buy some yogurt and fruit but fritura always looks yummier. Anyway I'm on a quest to eating healthy overall.

Thus having a food diary is something I've tried on and off during the years....I'm usually too unorganized and not disciplined enough to make it useful. I've thought about posting about my meals as a way to keep myself from cheating but then decided against it. So I am really excited that I found out you can Tweet What You Eat, to track calories and weight loss. I am going to experiment and see how it goes. I'm going to use calorie count and calories burned calculator. According to Prevention's daily calorie counter to maintain my weight I need 2,268 calories daily and to loose 2 lbs a week must reduce 1000 calories daily....reduce 400 calories from food and do 600 calories of exercise daily. Seems totally doable. So on your right you will see updates to my food diary. It's mostly a personal thing and to keep myself in check! If there is ever anything in my food diary that interests you or you wish to request a recipe just let me know!

Anywho I have lots to share this week. I had prepared a lovely post and new polyvore but I didn't have my computer plugged in and it shut down loosing my post. It was tragic but I think I can recreate it tonight. Keep a look out for new Laurie's Kitchen recipe!

PS: please read this...it had me snorting I was laughing so hard...quite embarrassing while at work actually but so funny. It totally expresses my feelings that being an adult is so overrated.

PPS: my first day with my food diary and I think I'm doing great!!!!!!!!!! Plus ate lots of yum :D


Mei said...

I don't tell you this often, but I really like your blog, it literally brightens my day sometimes. Keep up the good work =)

Lalipourie said...

awwwww thanks sweetie! I like my blog too! hehee...you should comment more I need to get some more action ;)


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