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I think biking is so awesome! As a kid I was too scared to ride (living in the Hayward Hills) and so I learned to ride right before I went to college. I'm sure it was pretty hilarious to see a 17 year old learn to ride a bike but luckily my best friends taught me just in time for Fall Quarter at UC Davis. Davis is the best place for biking because its so flat! No hills! So it's fairly easy on the thighs lol. Anywho I grew to love love love riding my back. My first one was named Sam and then he sorta got too rusty and old to use and my papa bought me Nemo. Nemo is sadly on sabbatical until I return from abroad...no doubt a little rusty and in need of some love. I just adore things that remind me of Davis and riding my bike all over the place! How I miss it soo!


Dottie said...

Your so lucky for the experience to cycle around Davis. I hear so many wonderful things about its infrastructure and culture!

Lalipourie said...

Yes, I owe a lot to Davis and one of them is my love for bicycles! I swear it is like the easiest place to bike EVER. I'm pretty pathetic on those hills...and I tend to ride slow in general haha


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